We would have thought it was a sexual trio

we would have thought it was a sexual trio

That’s when my parents came back to the living room. For me there was no doubt, my mother had just satisfied my father and he now sported the same satisfied smile that Denis had a few hours earlier. In the depths of me, I could not help but tell me, take off that silly smile, this evening everyone took advantage of your wife before you kind of stupid! Denis went to my father to talk with him.

The evening was drawing to a close, there was only a handful of guests left. My dad was sitting in a small couch for two with my mom and Denis. Her mother was slumped on the chest of my father, who was putting his arm around his neck. Denis was sitting next to my mother who was sliding the tips of her fingers on the thigh of the one who made her capsize earlier in the evening. They all got along well.

If I did not know my father and his legendary jealousy, we would have thought it was a sexual trio. This is also what makes this trio feel the last remaining guests. Very quickly, everyone leaves, Denis and my father exchanged their numbers. We meet in a small committee, my father thanks my mother for this evening that he found excellent. He is delighted with the meeting with Denis and continues to praise his evening guest.

– My father: “Denis is really great, he is good living, he has a lot of class, he knows how to put people at ease. I appreciate it very much. Karima, I feel like you get on well with him. We often complained about not having a lot of friends in common, I think for once, we came across a great guy. ”

The excitement subsided, my mother simply nodded. The woman full of sensuality that I had seen earlier had disappeared and the woman and mother had returned. I had met that night with the most exciting woman I had to meet. To my great despair, I never had the chance to see her again, to be content with the woman playing the role of mother. I console myself by telling myself that I have been lucky enough to be able to see what my mother is capable of in her privacy and that few people will have the chance to know their mother so dearly.

Going to bed that night, I made savage love to my girlfriend. She still remembers it today and talks about it as one of her best times. I rejected all the excitement accumulated that night on Sonia, for her pleasure.

The next day, cold, I was paralyzed by the fallout that was going to have this evening. Too many people had suspicions, my aunt had surprised my mother in action. I was sure that the noise would go around the neighborhood very quickly. But the days, then the weeks, then the months passed by, but no sign of this evening came back. This story was buried forever but nothing would ever be the same again.

Never again, Nabil and Samira have come home. They have gradually moved away from our family.

The relationship that united me to my aunt has completely changed. We were so close but now she barely spoke to me and made me clearly understand her disappointment at seeing me mother my mother with another man without reacting.

It is also becoming more and more rare. She used to visit us regularly. She was now only seen during family reunions.
With Sonia, we finally saw Aurélien again. Everything had changed in these little extras that we agreed with Sonia. Before this story, I liked participating in the trio, these meetings with other men and women. Now my pleasure was to see Sonia with two other guys and watch while jerking me in my corner.

I even allowed him to meet other people (men or women) without me being present and without my agreement. She lives a perfect life of a bachelor all day and comes home at night to tell me about her adventures when she has the chance to meet people she likes.

We both love the twist our couple took. She gets off with strangers and I like it. All this has been unlocked since this evening. I prefer to know that she meets other people and withdraw pleasure where I can stories that she tells me rather than one day she gives herself to another man in secret as did my mother.

Speaking of my mother, everything has changed for her too. She was still popular with the neighborhood but more for the same reasons. Obviously the news had circulated and everyone knew what my mother was capable of. I was the daily witness of the neighbors’ crushing attempts on my mother. Everyone was trying to get closer to her to achieve her ends. Even my friends did not hesitate to come home.

We sometimes meet other people to spice up our sex life

We sometimes meet other people to spice up our sex life

My father was at the time about to celebrate his first year of retirement. To make the point, my mother was keen to have a small barbecue where my father could invite the family, his friends and some of his former colleagues. He was thrilled by the idea of ​​this little party and to be able to find some of his former colleagues whom he had not seen since he left his job.

D-Day arrived. If my brothers had found an excuse to avoid being present at this barbecue, all the guests answered the call and began to arrive from 18h. Among the thirty guests, I could recognize Nabil and Samira, a couple of friends of my parents; Lova, my father’s sister; Sonia my fiancée; Michael and José, former colleagues of my father. Michael was accompanied by his brother Denis, a handsome blond man with blue eyes of about 45 years dressed in a sublime suit. As for the rest of the guests I did not know them.

The atmosphere was very relaxed. There was a large majority of men and if at first I did not know many people, I did not hesitate to go to these strangers to get to know each other. My father was the star of the evening; he was the center of attention and was constantly solicited by these many friends. Unlike him, my mother was much more withdrawn and took care of all the organization of this evening.

She was radiant. She wore a beautiful white dress that stopped in the middle of her thighs and showed a pretty neckline. To complete her sexy look, she decided to perch on white stilettos.

The evening is in full swing. My dad starts cooking the barbeque to start cooking meat. That’s when my fiancée Sonia joins me. She explains to me that she has been talking for about an hour with a certain Aurélien, that he likes her a lot and that if I agree, she would like it to go further. And yes I did not specify but with my fiancee, we are libertines. We sometimes meet other people to spice up our sex life. But usually we always prepared before doing it and we discussed it several days before meeting someone. This time his request was sudden and I felt unprepared.

In a word, I really did not want it to be done tonight. I suggested that he take his coordinates and that we could perhaps organize all this in a few days. She nodded but I felt a little frustrated by this refusal. This request from Sonia was a real trigger; it was at this moment that I realized that, in small groups, the men of the evening did not hesitate to flirt with the few women of the evening. This was also the case for my mother.

While my father was busy grilling meats in the garden, his former colleague Michael was chatting with my mother in the kitchen. From where I was I could observe them. Without hearing what he was saying, I could easily understand that Michael was courting my mother; admittedly with a lot of restraint but I was not fooled, this bastard who worked with my father for nearly 20 years did not hesitate today to flirt with his wife.

Fortunately, in the attitude of my mother I could see that she was not interested; she was chatting out of courtesy but no more. Also in the kitchen but in retreat from them, Michael’s brother Denis watched the situation and took part in the conversation when invited.

” At table! “. By this cry my father announced that his first meats were cooked and that the most hungry could come to serve first. The others will wait for the second round. That’s when Michael decides to leave my mother alone to make sure she can have something to eat.

This is how he abandons my mother with his brother Denis and throws himself on the first plates available. While a dozen guests begin to eat, my father takes the cooking of his meat. Meanwhile, Denis is always in the kitchen with my mother. He is naturally very classy and expresses himself with great ease.

This guy is really handsome man, sure of himself. It makes me feel good and I start to fear leaving him alone for too long with my mother. Fortunately, I see that my mother keeps the same line and that always with much courtesy, she discusses with her guest but that it will not go further.

Relieved I lower my guard. I go to the garden and hasten to catch a plate to restore myself, I talk a little with my father and after ten minutes I decided to return to the living room. What a surprise! On my return I realize that Denis and my mother are still together in the kitchen but that it looks good.

You accepted the game he offered you

You accepted the game he offered you

You then realize that, crossing with him the threshold of your room, you indulge in him, as he indulges in you, to write with him a new chapter in the history of your life, not without nourishing the foolish hope of to finish with him this book so dear to you, of which you have so eloquently told him the project tonight. Pressed by his questions, you told him about your love life, forced to give him more details than you wanted, digging with him in the folds of your body’s memory, driven by a confused need to confide him. You accepted the game he offered you.

Your right hand introduces the magnetic card into the main switch and your entire room lights up. The door closed, you tell him to undress completely and lie on bed where you join him after you have stripped off a hand feverish clothes you’ve been wearing since morning, heavy with the hints of the long train journey mixed with the fragrances of your own body.

You close the chisel of her legs on her sex and her fully shaved body appeared to you in the fold of the sheet like that of Eros disarmed. Your hands run on the beardless torso, your teeth nibble the tips of her nipples that gradually harden, pushed by the desire that you feel rising in him. You give him your two breasts to caress with his artist’s hands, whose fingers play in you the scales of sensations that you hope for.

Straddling his chest, his hands resting on the wall, just under the chart representing a weather map under which are drawn – you identify them finally – filigree Tania Young and Isabelle Martinet’s head-to-tail bodies stripped, the isobars of two anticyclones centered on the black delta at the top of their thighs, and whose caption “Disturbances Antipodes” makes you smile once again, you approach his hungry mouth hungry sex and tongue finally triggers the hurricane that covers your body a tropical sweat.

Shaken by a final gust of wind, your body falls backwards on the bed that Mario leaves, the proud yard, letting you find yourself in the wavering tangle of your senses satiated.

Slowly fall asleep. You feel Mario’s hand on your right ankle causing him to touch your buttock, forcing you to bend your knee only one, then two, then three, then four loosely threaded cotton rope above the ankle and the crease of the groin maintain at a very closed angle. Four new mid-leg cords then press your calf against your thigh.

A last fourth below the knee completes the obstacle. You have chosen not to open your eyes and let your hands rest on your legs, preferring to hear in you the crescendo echoes of ligatures. Your left leg is folded and symmetrically tied, decorated with three twin quads. The hands give you up, the maneuvering is completed.

You open your eyes to your modified body, now rigged for the cruise of which you have chosen the destination and fixed, in agreement with Mario, the road through the ocean of your desires. Mario plastered his lips on the hat at the bottom of the masts of your two legs and plunges his tongue into the open open bite.

Boat drunk too much bubbling you pitch and roll on the waves of pleasure that forms in your depths the bold language of Mario and you win at once in the storm of a second impatiently awaited ecstasy.

Only wanting to get rid of this piece of red fabric which served her bra

only wanting to get rid of this piece of red fabric which served her bra

The living room, very well lit – contrasting with the darkness that had accompanied me to my home – gave it a certain innocent charm, a beauty that I found only in those of the elderly, did not have the air disturbed by any development. Between that moment and the moment I was going to think he was moving to another room, the neighbor invited me to sit down and tell me he was going to get his wife, and at that moment everything seemed like Naturally agreed when I remained standing in the middle of the room where a slight perfume floated when, on the floor, behind me, were heard the footsteps of a gentleman accompanied by those of a pair of clappers, probably those of his wife.

I did not immediately understand what I was, what scene – perhaps the most unexpected of my life – I lived, when I was, while continuing to see, without looking, what adorned the living room , to return for, on the neighboring couple, laid eyes. My brain sent to my mind the idea that everything was normal, that I was still waiting for this piece of furniture to move, while my eyes scanned the neighbor’s wife, and it took me a few seconds to realize, thanks to the words that had just been pronounced by her husband, as if they had been the catalyst for a new element, totally sudden and unimaginable, that my brain treated in the second, immediately updating my mind by sending him the latest information as soon as the last syllable escaped from my neighbor’s mouth.

– I would like you to fuck my wife. He had said.
His well-coiffed hair, which came down to his shoulders, overflowed slightly on his shoulder blades and the base of his neck, were blond, and he looked great with his dark blue eyes, seeming in fact black with the strong light of the room . Her eyebrows and nose were fine, clinging perfectly to her silky face, as if they had been made only for that face, and wearing a clear lipstick mingling with the natural color of her shiny lips on which she had probably ironed her tongue, or that of her husband (which did not slow down my nascent desire). She had a dress – with flower-like patterns as her motif, but with a particularly long stalk running around her, as if she wanted to hug him – which reached her over her knees.

Her calves, a little “wrapped” putting it all the same well value, used, as with all human beings, bases her thighs that I guessed superb and, as she was an ounce profile, her buttocks bulging, with her dress, drawing her flat back, formed a sudden curve, seductive and regular, with a cloth belt overlaid on her garment.

I was not sure I had heard well and apologized stupidly, saying he did not understand. His wife was coming towards me, and like her husband, doing the same, but on the side, as if both of them wanted to prevent me from going away by taking all the space of the room, I recoiled slowly so to find myself, without my knowing it, near the sofa. She was in front of me, her smile, not the one that a woman in love addresses to the one she loves, was full of this sensual bestiality. He repeated what he had said a few seconds ago but in another vocabulary, telling me that he would like to even “make love” to his wife. The latter, as he told me these words as if he were putting them in my ear, put his hands on his shoulders and took off his dress on both sides, which slipped to his hips – the fabric seeming to take advantage of this moment to caressed it entirely.
Her breasts, which I had – not strangely, but simply because the scene had been faster than that of the understanding of my brain – forgotten, appeared to me particularly fleshy, only wanting to get rid of this piece of red fabric which served her bra, and making them terribly sexy, just like my sex that I began to feel cramped in my boxer.

While the husband took full sandstone on a solitary chair located near a corner of the room, his wife pushed me tenderly (the tip of each of his ten fingers of his hands seeming so light met my chest) to m to sit at the end of the sofa whose color I do not yet know; and even if it was absolutely necessary to make me say it I will qualify this furniture of red so much the color of its bra appeared to me to be that of all that surrounded us.
She had one knee on the couch (the shinbone on the cold leather) and the other leg still on the floor, her hands, at the level of my shoulders, rubbed the same material as her tibia flattened. His chest still trapped in front of my face, my eyes fell between her breasts had not made me see the husband.

She has already had stories with boys that have lasted

she has already had stories with boys that have lasted

Why do I say that Marion is one of my passions? Because I love it, simply! Between twins, we are really fusional. We say everything, we tell everything, we are very complicit, in short, I would not see myself living without it, and just thinking about it gives me goose bumps!
Physically, I am rather ordinary: brown, short hair, brown eyes, slender figure, I measure 1.70m.

Marion, it’s all the opposite: a pretty brunette with long curly hair, pleasant shapes to look at, especially her buttocks that seem to please the men because there are many boys who look at them, and the volcanic temperament. This character, she inherited it from my mother.

With girls, I have a little success. I already had girlfriends in high school and college, but nothing serious. When I say “serious”, I mean that I have never acted, if you know where I am coming from. On the other hand, my right hand is my best friend, and that, for a long time!

As for Marion, she has already had stories with boys that have lasted, but I do not know if she has already offered her virginity to one of them. We say everything, it’s true, and it happens to talk about ass, but this question, I never dared to ask him. Why ? I do not know, maybe because I do not want her to learn that I have never done anything.
In short, now that the main characters in this story are planted, let’s get down to business.

This summer, my parents decided to go on holiday in Spain. My mother has always dreamed of visiting Andalusia and, as she will be fifty years old this year, my father decided to make a mark by taking us there as a camper.

We love this means of transport, since we have been using it for years, and it was with this motorhome that we spent most of our best vacation. This is an old bunker that is over twenty years old and is struggling to exceed one hundred kilometers, but we love it, and it’s part of the family!

In short, at this beginning, it’s at 6am that we leave Brest, Andalusia, my father driving, and my mother co-driver. As for Marion and I, we sleep just above them, in the nasturtium of the camper. At this time, it is still cool, so we are bundled up in our down.

For my part, I wear only a boxer. Marion has a T-shirt, and just a little panties. Her long curly hair is undone, and marry the shape of the pillow on which her head is placed. How do I know? Okay, I admit, sometimes I quietly mate it, and I did it again this morning as she took off her pajama bottoms before slipping into her down. Did she see me? Chances are, but it does not seem to have bothered him. After all, who tells me she did not do that?

So we spend the day on the road, Marion and I still in our perch, and we spend our time reading, chatting, and laughing together. Our parents just have to raise their voices to discuss with us but, given the sound of this old tub, it’s quite complicated. Obviously, during the first stop, Marion and I were able to put on a more decent outfit, and I took the opportunity, in passing, to check his pretty buttocks.

In short, now she is wearing a mini-shorts over her panties, but I have a doubt, she wears a bra under his shirt? I’m not sure. In any case, she is beautiful to fall, as usual, and I am sure that many Spaniards will rinse their eyes by seeing it in a few hours. I know it’s my sister and I should not say such things but, at the same time, tell the truth, that’s what our parents always taught us!

In the evening, we stop in Agen, in a small municipal campsite. My father is exhausted by this day on the road, and I understand it. So, he decides to sleep here tonight, and to leave early tomorrow morning.

Since he knows that Marion and I are marmots, he even tells us that if he and my mother are waking up early while we are still sleeping, they will leave early. Marion and I are overjoyed because we love it when our father does it: do not wait until we wake up and hit the road again. Sleeping while knowing that we are on the road of the holidays, it is something that is really kiffant!

After sweating all day in this tub, I decided to go take a shower in the sanitary of the campsite. So I take off my shirt, grab a clean and a boxer, and my towel, my toilet bag and hop, direction showers.

-Wait, Marion asks me, I’m going to take a shower too.

Immediately, she will lock herself in the toilets of the motorhome and come out two minutes later.

I would not know who to do the dirty panties

I would not know who to do the dirty panties

I had never really watched my aunt nor ever fantasized about her until the day or going to take a shower after a particularly hot and muggy night, I found on the bathroom floor one of her panties. I took it to the basket of dirty clothes when I noticed that it was all soiled with a mix probably wet and sperm.

I imagined then Christelle returning from a drenched evening, the cum flowing between her thighs, swinging her panties in the bathroom before going to throw herself in bed. I could not help sniffing her and I was seized with a violent erection. I began to masturbate while watching the task of cum mixed with sperm and making images of my aunt being filed like a slut. I was about to empty my balls on the panties when we knocked on the door. “Is it soon free? I really want to pee!

I hesitated between finishing my masturbation but I would not know who to do the dirty panties. I said, “I was going to shower, but wait, I’m going to open.” I put a towel around my waist to hide my cock and opened the door. Christelle came in, her face flushed, her eyes encircled. She wore an absolutely erotic nightie, aged with holes. It gave him a look of slut, a bit old slut. She threw herself on the bowl to relieve herself.

I turned my head to not look but the sound of the violent jet against the porcelain toilet only accentuated my erection. At the moment, I found it very strange to be excited by a sound of urine. I heard the last streams falling in the water and the sound of the paper unfolding. While she pissed, Christelle asked me things banal, if I had slept well, if my room was comfortable … Then her tone changed and she apologized for letting her pants drag on the floor. I do not know if at that moment she understood that I had noticed the tasks on this one. I turned around when I realized that she had gotten up from the toilet.

She gave an insistent glance at my belly, she could not fail to see my cock bandaged under the towel. She then made me eyes full of perversion and a mutinous smile then she came out of the bathroom. She had forgotten to flush the toilet. In an incomprehensible impulse, I approached the bowl to feel his urine. I took the paper half submerged and I lapped by masturbating violently. The jets of cum joined my aunt’s piss and I shot the hunt and wondered what was happening to me.

From that moment, I no longer looked at my aunt as before. During the following day, I took every opportunity to ogle her. When she was sitting, I passed over her to watch her cleavage. As she never put a bra, I saw twice a breast and a nipple hardened. I waited feverishly she crosses or uncrossed her legs to hope to see his crotch.

In the afternoon, she was lying on a blanket reading, her skirt back and I enjoyed long minutes of her panties. It seemed to me that there was a small task at the vulva. I had to go back to the bathroom to masturbate again.

At the end of the afternoon, she told me that a couple of friends came to eat at her place. She went to get ready, take a shower and get dressed. When I saw her ready, I did not believe my eyes. She was literally dressed like a whore. She had an outrageous makeup, a leather mini-skirt, fishnet stockings, a very short top that barely hid her breasts. It was enough that she bends to see her red panties lace.

His friends arrived. Myriam was a little blonde with short hair, a frail body, dressed in tight cotton shorts that showed the marks of her labia and the line of her ass. She really did not have a lot of breasts, and even though she was my aunt’s age, it looked like a young boy if there was not such ostentatious display of her genitals through the cotton. She kissed me and said I was cute.

Her husband shook me a firm hand telling me that I was lucky to be on vacation under the roof of Christelle. When he said hello to my aunt, I thought I saw him pass a hand in the ass while saying something in his ear. The meal went off in some way but as the bottles of wine emptied, the two women took poses increasingly shameless.

Myriam stood lasciviously on a long armchair, legs apart and her shorts let appear her panties on one side. Christelle swallowed glass on glass and had without noticing it reassembled her skirt in a pornographic posture. But it was mostly Myriam’s t-shirt that was shining

Something very hot to land on my cock

something very hot to land on my cock

It took only a quarter of an hour drive to reach this beautiful home. An old farmhouse with a large green space in front of this stone house.
Camille makes me visit all this huge house. We start with the entrance which gives on the stay and the American kitchen. You can see a huge garden and a swimming pool through the bay window.

We go upstairs and she showed me around the bathroom and the various rooms all works except for one that is similar to a suite with a shower room that is attached to it, it is without doubt the room of his parents.
“We will sleep here,” she says.
_Yes, I think we have no choice! In war as in war.

We went back downstairs to eat and talk. Time has passed very quickly. It’s already late and we decided to go to bed.
In the room there was a big flat screen. Camille starts it then zaps from chain to chain without stumbling on something really interesting. She starts the dvd player that offers to resume reading where she was and that is what Camille does.
At the first image, we both burst out laughing.
_My parents watch porn ?! loose Camille
_It seems that yes…

Camille is a little shocked, even embarrassed. I see him by the way his cheeks start to blush. But we laugh at first. Strangely, Camille does not let go of the remote and let the TV on and it does not bother me more than that. On the screen, we see two young women. One seems to be the secretary and the other her boss. The boss requires some things from the secretary like to give her a treat because she has misplaced an important file.

I had never watched porn in my life. Even less porn with lesbian scenes. Besides, I say that I am not lesbian. But the vision of his two women who do things and seem to take pleasure makes me question. I do not know why but it does not make me feel uncomfortable. A sensation of heat invades me the lower belly. I even want to caress me. I do not feel like the only one. I notice Camille make small movements with his pelvis eyes always taped on the TV.

She looks at me and says, “I’m sorry but I will not be able to restrain myself.” She gets up, takes off her pants and her top. I see it in undress, in front of me, bra and thong. I had already seen in undress. But here in this context I admit to being somewhat disturbed. I find it beautiful. His skin looks very soft and satiny. Her buttocks are incredibly shapely and really well highlighted in this little black thong. She sits down on the edge of the bed.

_I do not know about you but me it makes me want to masturbate. Not you?
_Euh …
I am somewhat embarrassed. My cheeks begin to heat (I must blush at sight). My breath is changing. I do not know what to do. Am I doing it too? It does not make weird two girlfriends masturbate on the same bed in front of a porn movie?
Apparently it does not bother Camille who began to touch himself by rubbing his right hand through his thong.
_Mmmmh, it’s good. Lance does.

I decide to start. I slip a hand under my skirt and begins to imitate me stroking through my pants. I do everything like her. I make small circles with my fingers on my clit that I feel stiffen.
_Dress you, you’ll see it changes everything.
I decide to follow his advice. I take off my skirt and my top. I’m taking off my bra. I get back on the bed and lie on my back. I resume my movements. Before getting back on the bed, I realized that Camille had moved up a gear. The palm of his hand rubbed his ciltoris, his index finger spread his thong so that his middle finger began to penetrate. To finally remove it so as not to be embarrassed.

I too do the same. I hear the breath of Camille change and cut short moans. Almost in stereo with my moans, we masturbate in unison.
I start to escape. I’m starting to take pleasure. I feel the bed move and I can not hear the groans of Camille. Then I feel two hands rest on my thighs, hair stroking my legs. Thousands of shivers run through my body. One of Camille’s hands grabbed my masturbating hand to spread it and I feel something very hot to land on my cock.

_But what are you doing?
_Do not worry. Enjoy!
I am not lesbian. I never thought about making love with another woman. But here I was hot like embers. I do not know if Camille was planning his move or not. But I could not refuse what she was starting to do to me.

The enormous sex of which each of the three partners felt the palpitations

the enormous sex of which each of the three partners felt the palpitations

The vagina of the young woman distended by the pal always deeply stuck in it, dripping with pleasure, and whitish nets were flowing on the rod of his partner. Maybe that’s why the executioner behind her did not think it was necessary to lubricate her scepter.

He got up suddenly and rested on his feet, thighs half bent, and with his hand pointed his dart at the entrance to the coveted well, which was offered to him as a provocative but willing offering.

No doubt he also thought that the one who was going to welcome him was sufficiently excited, or was it agreed in advance. Still, he did not give him any preliminary.
The gesture sure and accurate, the man firmly applied his penis against the anus of his partner who gave a little start, and stopped for a moment, firmly holding a hand, his penis pointed at his target.

He seemed focused like a bungee jumper before he jumped into the void. We could see on his face, that he savored this brief moment when his immobile partners watched or feared his invasion with infinite and enjoyable attention. He was the master of their destiny. He alone was going to decide … .. The tension was palpable. We held our breath.

Then, he weighed his whole body lightly on the ring, which at first sank slightly, but seemed to rebel and deny him access. Then we saw the muscles of the man stretching as he accentuated the pressure. His cock flexed even slightly, under pressure from his owner.
When suddenly the ring of flesh gave way, we saw brutally disappearing the glans in the depths of the young woman.

But instantly, the ring had tightened behind him, trapping the glans at its base, where the penis is starting to thicken. The man paused to savor his first victory, and released his thrust.

Then, after a short moment, he began to force a slow, steady and inevitable penetration. This did not end until her sex was completely engulfed in this generous gluteus to the hilt, her pubis crushing the buttocks of his partner. He remained motionless, welded, conquering conqueror, savoring the superiority of his posture with a satisfied little smile.

The woman had jumped and uttered a little cry of surprise or pain during the first assault, but now seemed to delight in the slow progress of this monstrous sex that deliciously tore his anus, and invaded his stomach little by little. We had followed with emotion the slow disappearance of this column of flesh, millimeter by millimeter in the entrails of the woman.

Virginie and I, followers of sodomy, watching the inevitable burst of pain when the pile of flesh defends the guts of the libertine. But nothing but a sigh of happiness disturbed the end of this fantastic invasion.
We had held our breath, so much was the scene.

Virginia’s hands were clutching my shoulders as she tiptoed to not lose a crumb of this spectacle of such beauty. She bit her lip as the pile of flesh rushed into the foundation, and her body shuddered.

The man who was lying under him, remained motionless and attentive during the time of penetration. First of all to savor each millimeter of the slow penetration, then the total intromission of the enormous sex of which each of the three partners felt the palpitations.

At first strangely silent and complicit, the strange trio came to life little by little. In the dim light, we could see the two tense sexes rushing alternately into the belly of the young woman, the distendant and showing glistening juices that dripped along the sex and thighs of the lover who was below. The rhythm was clocked like a well-tuned machine. When one entered, the other came out.

From time to time, one could hear the dry crack of the testicles of the man above that hit the buttocks of his partner with violence. The bodies began to sweat under this animated ballet, and to glow in the dim light. The beatings became more violent without however the rate increased. We felt that this hammering was to generate waves of pleasure to the three partners. No screams, no slaps on the buttocks, no erotic insults. We were in another dimension, that of control and restraint. And the well-oiled mechanics took a cruising pace, like the pistons of a powerful diesel engine.

If the men remained silent in their work, the woman on the other hand began to show obvious signs of the rise of her pleasure. His groan, or rather slap, is hard to describe. And yet, I would never forget that kind of noble, pure, authentic lament that rose.

Entwined couples danced on the track

Entwined couples danced on the track

For our first swinger experience, we chose a club away from home, discretion required, and well rated by those who had attended. We had booked our evening following the formula “dinner + club”, which allowed us to arrive at the opening of the establishment, to be able to recognize the places, and take our marks before being caught in whirlpools that I feared uncontrollable, and perhaps destructive … .in an inevitable and definitive way.
We had long exchanged beforehand on signs of connivance, codes, so as to stop a crazy machine which we would lose control. Despite this, neither was really reassured, yet an irresistible force led us to our new destiny, but it must be said with some excitement.

In the evening, dressed in a provocative outfit, one as the other, we went to our new destiny.
The club was opulent, healthy, bright, equipped with a festive lighting bar, and we were quickly conquered by the place. The welcome was friendly, even corporate, and I would say even family. The amenities of nature to satisfy the most demanding, salons, dance floor, giant screens, lively music, saunas, swimming pools, and of course, many cuddly corners of the medieval genre, with thick doors studded and wrought iron, skylights to watch the frolics of couples, salons, green plants, …. a corner of paradise on earth, far from the hectic life of everyday life. The immersion was total, and the dice were thrown.

The meal was taken upstairs in another wing of the establishment which was also a hotel-restaurant. All the happy libertines were installed at a large communal table arranged in a circle, and the patron of the establishment joined us. The meal was held in an atmosphere of frank camaraderie, slightly tinged with eroticism. Everyone had a quick chat. The excellence of the wine helped to lift the conventions and the inhibitions, and the gastronomic meal proved to be of high quality, light and very digestible.
Of course, another facet of the evening was going to start, and it was not conceivable to be curbed by stomach heaviness. Everything had been carefully calculated. The show would start soon.

The dessert consumed, we went down to the bar, where the meal time, new couples had settled on high stools. The musical atmosphere had gone up a degree, people were laughing, and conversing freely from table to table. Entwined couples danced on the track. The atmosphere was mesmerizing, intoxicating, erotic, contagious, burning.
The girls’ light and provocative outfits, the men’s dressy but casual outfits in this festive atmosphere made the atmosphere surreal. We were in a dream.
I got out of my high stool, and took Virginia at the waist to tighten against me, then take her ass with both hands. She ran against me, smiling, happy, excited, and consenting. Then we took a few dance steps that were more like an exciting and provocative body-to-body. We were alone in the world, or rather in paradise.
I felt open, and my hand slipped into her thighs confirmed the excitement I had seen. Soaked, she was ripe to continue the adventure.

Suddenly a rather young man, distinguished, rose from a high stool, and walked slowly towards us. Smiling, in a low voice, he complimented Virginie for her outfit, caressingly caressing a breast on the back of her hand. Then he whispered in his ear:
– “you are beautiful….”
Abruptly released from her lethargy, and disarmed by the speed of the proposal, Virginie stammered a
– “No thanks ……… a little later”.
The man, of good education, did not insist further, withdrew his exploratory hand, excused himself as a perfect gentleman, and walked away with an understanding smile.
No doubt looking for another consenting victim.

We then went to the sauna, and we were stripped before taking a shower. The swimming pool next door stretched out, with its blue water, the colorful spots, and its small lapping. We slipped naked in the water with delight and delight, teased by an irresistible desire to make love there, right now, in the water, like animals, without any restraint.
Unfortunately, the posters warned users that any form of touching was prohibited in the pool. It was very beautiful…. However, it overlooked several cuddly corners that were starting to come alive. The indiscretion was too tempting, and we discreetly circled the pool still in the water, skirting the edge, pausing when we were above an interesting hug. The scenes of libertinage that we overes tenfold still our excitement that I believed for a long time was.

Her brown skin

her brown skin

It is this boy, there, that I can observe from behind, sitting 2 benches in front on the right, with his charcoal black curly mop and her brown skin, typically Maghrebian where Arabic, I do not know, but this skin pushes me to imagine things the craziest.

It makes me want to touch him, caress him and then tickling him and biting his skin and then ….

I do not count my nights busy masturbating frantically thinking about him or he overhangs me with his good shoulders
and his desert man’s muscles, thinking back to his body odor that I will never forget and that I’ll never be sick of.

I remember that on a summer day in chemistry class, sitting next to him, I breathed the smell of his sweat,
which allowed me to imagine a little more sensations that I would have if I could lie down on him and snuggle against his chest.

– In short I go astray, I have to go to gym, for once that I have not forgotten to take my outfit.

“Still on the verge of being late Nathan, but what are you doing between the class? Says Mr. Hilbert, my gym teacher.
-Your local is just right down and the others arrive on time …
-No, I … I was in the bathroom what … (I used to masturbate after most of the classes I had with Amir)
-Good, file in the locker room change you, the others are still there and the course will begin. ”

I then enter the locker room and I see most other boys actually changed or in shirtless ….

There is really no place on the benches to change me so I decided to go to where it is still possible.

I realize that I’m surrounded by a guy I do not know and on the other side here is Amir in underwear.
He has not seen me yet, too busy looking for something in his bag, leaning towards it in a slip a little too … squeezing.

I can not help but glance furtively at this well-baptized body, her hairy legs but not too much,
going through his nice and dry belly to his imposing torso, while trying to change me without delay.

(He gives me an amused look)

“Shit, I think he spotted me.” “Well, I act as if nothing had happened and I put on these shoes.” “Why this smile … strange from him?”
“It troubles me, we’re friends for a few years but we never really talk, then he does not smile often, so why …

Now the 2 hours of gym have just ended.

-We are sweaty and we are good for showering, something I hate to do in school …

“But hey, do not you go for a disgusting, then the other asshole of Kevin is not here today to break them
in the showers and still humiliate me …
Fuck yourself to those who say that self-confidence is a choice, it’s bullshit. ” (For the record, I am small enough for my 17 years and I do not have a very imposing physical constitution, this must contribute to the lack of confidence that I have in me)

Mr. Hilbert: “I need 3 strong fellows before returning to the locker room to store the equipment, and I see that almost all have already left …
Amir, Maxime and Nathan, come on!
“Hell, I’m still going to miss my bus, but hey, Hilbert is asking for it after all …”
You will probably be the last and I must leave, I leave you the keys to close the locker room! ”

Back in the locker room so I start to undress and take out my towel …
Maxime seems to have disappeared, he was fast.
Stay Amir.

Once naked, I roll my towel around my hip to enter the showers, for the sake of modesty.

“I know that Amir never takes showers.”

Well, that’s what I thought, until he came in while I was cleaning my long hair with shampoo.

I did not see him from the beginning, back to the front door, nor heard him because of the sound of the water.

He had a view of my buttocks.

It was when I felt a hand rest on my shoulder that I turned around and made myself naked.
I was terribly embarrassed and I hid my sex reflex with great speed.
I hardly dared to look him in the eyes.
He did not look more embarrassed than that.

Then ensued a silence, where our naked bodies, his rather muscular and well-traced North-African pattern, were frozen one before the other.
(What bothered me the most was the sight of his big cock that he let hang in front of me without too many genes,
his pink tassel coming out even halfway …)

The silence was even heavier when the water stopped flowing.

Always in the same situation, I tried to articulate, to formulate something.