Pinch one of his coppery nipples

Pinch one of his coppery nipples

Lorenzo, carried away in his thoughts by the recurrent rhythm of the brush, did not immediately notice the monk. It took him several minutes before he raised his head, and when he saw young Gian he thought at first of a mirage. The brother was sitting on the edge of the pool near him. Her slender, pale, beardless body seemed to be catching the sun for the very first time.

His muscles barely emerged and he watched those of the rascal, prominent, with an undisguised desire. With a distracted gesture, he caressed the white penis stretched between her thighs, smoothing the shaft with one hand while tickling the scarlet glans of the other.

Her pubic, discreet and little provided, overhanging this slender sex. Gian put his long dark hair back behind his neck, put one of his fingers to his mouth, moistened it and slipped it under his testicles. Lorenzo, helpless witness, observed this strange spectacle, at first surprised, then circumspect, and finally pleasantly surprised.

Seeing that the mythical deflower of Venice did not seem ready to approach, Leva’s brother, went to the nearest statue, put his back to her and stooped down to form a right angle at his pelvis . He put his arm between his legs and began to blush, uttering small, muffled cries. Intrigued, Lorenzo approached, skirted Gian and finally saw what he was doing so exciting. With his wet finger, he caressed his little rosette. He regularly pressed the pinkish skin and spread the folds.

Turning his head, he saw the imposing hump that began to deform the rascals’ pants and, without dragging, he took her hand, licked his finger and encouraged him to pass on his line. Lorenzo did not make himself pray; he titillated the hole of Brother Gian, and seeing that it made him moan, he decided to push on the flesh until it gives way. Thus, he took a finger between her buttocks, out of it, then returned again, snatching satisfied grunts to the young man.

Since I am here as a man to do everything, thought the boy, all do without protest. And as a man of honor, generous and manly, I can not decently deprive of pleasure a young monk so shameless. Let’s continue then, and see where it leads us.

It was therefore in considering what he was doing as a charitable act that Lorenzo introduced a second finger into the foundation of a monk. The latter, eager for more sensations, tried to catch the thigh of the young man to bring him to him. Not wanting to be able to close a hole so open, the rogue found a solution that very much suited Gian. He pushed the latter back until the statue behind him replaced his knuckles.

Indeed, the marble Apollo, sculpted by a man in love with forms, had a right male member, stretched and long enough to fill the hole of the brother. Barely smaller than a human rod, the marmoreal cock was swiftly enveloped by the narrow, hot gutter. Gian opened his mouth wide to let out a pleasurable sigh: the freshness and hardness of the material gave him an inconceivable pleasure until then.

He grabbed his own sex and, with a frantic movement of the wrist, began to jerk unceremoniously. His testicles slammed against those of the Apollo, producing a sound to say the least strange.

Lorenzo placed himself in front of the young man, took him by the shoulders and forced him to move forward, before pushing him to step back. This first movement started, the next comings and goings were done with much more natural, and Gian impaled himself on the statue. Judging by the dexterity with which the monk demanded the cold cock, there was no doubt that it was not his trial gallop – if the brothers who entered San Pene gave up women, they should not do any other concession.

The de-turner of Venice untied his pants while Gian ran his free hand over his chest glistening with sweat. He took advantage of his smooth, slippery skin, his firm muscles, his imposing build, and even ventured to pinch one of his coppery nipples.

Lorenzo moaned and did not wait any longer to free his cock. She spread the pieces of fabric and sprang, powerful and proud. Straight, hard, virile, she stretched already to the lips of the monkey. He stepped forward a little to grab the tip of this column of flesh, before returning to slip on that of the statue. At first, he contented himself with lapping the glans turgid Lorenzo, who claimed soon more.

Soon, he lodged the tip of his club, as well as a part of his shaft, in the warm and moist lair that was the mouth of Gian.

Start by sucking our dick

Start by sucking our dick

I am 21 years old, light brown, green eyes, rather fine features, 1m81 for 70kg, a real “wire” as my friends say. It’s not really my fault, genetics is for many, swimming and jogging add a layer!

Nature gave me a 20 cm machine that began to serve with the female but here at the turn of a cloakroom at the pool, I realized that my little bounced ass could also attract looks and gives me a lot of fun! From that day, I became bi and, with the guys, pretty passive.

The story that brings me to it happened about a year ago. I landed a CDI 80 km from my parents, so I had to find a flat disaster. The most acceptable value for money was located in front of a home for young workers. Personally, it did not bother me, the apartment I liked, the rent suited me and I was 10 minutes from my job, frankly, what the people ask!

For the move, I had rented a small van in the evening and to report the next day in the late afternoon, my family helped me to charge the evening, the morning, I left early, friends should me join to help me unload. I arrived earlier than expected and, waiting for them, I saw that the sky was covering dangerously.

Since I had bedding, clothes, clothes and some furniture, I started to worry a little. There, I saw 5 guys on the pavement opposite who smoked their cigarette while chatting. I hesitated a little then I started, after all, at worst, they would say “no” and that’s it!

They were great! Three came to help me because the two others left to taf. They threw their butt saying: “Do not worry, a little guy like you, we’ll take care of it!”, I found the formula a bit chelou but hey, in 20 minutes, everything was unloaded. When my friends arrived, we just had to put the furniture together and unwrap, too much of the ball!

When the three guys left, I thanked them well and I promised them an aperitif soon. “No worries my pretty, you wave, we come !!!”

Two or three weeks have passed, I had a thousand things to do, frankly, life away from home mom and dad, at the beginning, it’s a hassle! I often saw Paul, Karim and Wilfried, each time they gave me the promise of a drink on the carpet saying: “It is that we want us !!!”. Well, I started to emerge, so I organized a kind of cocktail party for a Friday night. They are all three, already, I found them super comfortable, they settled in the sofa, they fired their shoes, they discussed between them without calculating me!

Well, I brought the dishes, there I had two very humiliating remarks, the premiere of Wilfried: “Hmmm, but it’s cooking more!”, They burst out laughing at me. The second of Karim concerning the cleanliness of the apartment and the decor: “It’s clean and classy, ​​a good indoor female, that’s good!”, They laughed again.

Me, I was both a little shocked but frankly, I began to find them sexy! 3 handsome males, manly, three-day-old beard, in furs for Karim and Paul, in faded blue jeans for Wilfried, all three muscular, slim, legs apart, one hand resting on the package, one glass in the other, sometimes they leaned over to take something to eat. I thought I had three pure handsome kids in front of me. I chased these ideas out of my head because, anyway, they abused a little!

After a while, I thought they were going to leave because they made a kind of sign, they put their glass on the coffee table and here it was Wilfried who spoke in staring straight into my eyes:
– “Good listen, we’re going to get serious!” Your booze and your appetizers, we do not give a fuck! We, since you landed in the neighborhood, it’s your ball of a bitch who we So, yeah, we’ll get to know you, you’ll start by sucking our dick! ”

I was taped, speechless, he put his hand behind my neck and made me kneel between his legs. He unbuttoned the fly of his jeans, took out a half-soft cock rather wide and already long enough, he said:
– “Come on, make me hard bitch!”

His raw words and the situation excited me, suddenly, I sucked this tail with application:
– “Oh damn guys, I knew it, I told you right from the start, a good fart who loves the cock! Go suck, you know how to do it, you’re done for that!”
I sucked for a moment and then he said:
– “Take care of my friends!”

Just suck your man

Just suck your man

Sahin takes me to his room, his finger still stalled at the bottom of my little ass. Arrived there he asks me to put on all fours on the bed and I run without flinching, I have no will at this time of the evening. He continues to finger me tenderly and I wet abundantly what he does not fail to notice.

Damn it, you wet a crazy thing it looks like a girl, huh my slut
me- yes baby is for you that I wet like that s-ok then just suck your man as he should, honor your guy’s dick m-yes my heart right now
And he had found the right words. I really worshiped this cock proudly stand in front of me, I licked and suck his big penis like a hungry, I buried his cock in my throat, at least I tried because it was really wide, and I felt a second finger come join the first in my ass.

it got me completely electrified, I was in trans and could not control myself, I let out small groans, like a woman. So I continued to suck him tenderly, throwing him some naughty glances, as if to confirm to him that I was henceforth his wife, as he said, and that I was ready to satisfy him as he should be.

s-hummm baby you suck like a queen, I want you too darling
me too baby i want you to fuck me, but gently stp it’s the first time
s-so if this is the first time i will not fuck you darling, i will make you love my princess and I literally melt.

Why do you know that this simple sentence filled me with an indescribable happiness, he did not want to fuck me like a mere whore, he wanted to make love to me, like a man to his wife. He had respect for me. it was amazing.
he laid me down on my back and came over me, starting by kissing me.

I give him back his kiss willingly and kisses him all over the mouth, cheeks, neck, I nibble his ears, he goes down on my chest, my nipples are sharp and he starts to lick my tits, fucking that c is good, I never thought I felt pleasure in this place. then he comes up to me and says to me:
Are you ready for my dear?

I will enter you m-yes my heart I am yours
in truth there were several attempts before he could fully fit his cock into me, and I would lie by saying it was great and everything was very painful but I choose to grit my teeth and take on myself, would only be for the attention he had to pay to me.

By cons after a while the pain fades and I feel pleasure come as and measure, and it is the explosion. I no longer remember my groans that sometimes turn into cry of enjoyment, thighs apart as I never feel his cock come in and out vigorously and it’s an incredible pleasure that travels me everywhere.

From time to time his tongue comes to find mine by way of thanks. Then I feel his movement accelerate and I see he wants to withdraw I hold him with my legs around his waist -no baby stp does not come out
s-but i will enjoy my cherie m-it’s not serious baby stays in me
s han han han han han putiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin !!!!

oh you’re so good darling I felt my ass fill with a hot and viscous liquid, a little weird at first but not unpleasant in the end. I was finished but happy, so much so that tears flowed down my cheeks Why are you crying again? Did not you like that?

m-not at all darling, on the contrary, they are tears of joy and I slip him most naturally in the world-I love you my love s – ???
I felt uncomfortable at home, but he said nothing. I did not blame him. we fell asleep against each other, he put behind me his cock between my buttocks and his hand on my breasts and he kissed me one last time before falling asleep.

m-good night Sahin and thanks again for everything i’m really very happy about what’s going on between us
s-good night my Samira, I too am happy to have a woman like you.

Here is the starting point of my story. There were many other adventures with Sahin of course but also with others. I’ll let you know very soon.

Do you like it or not

Do you like it or not

I always had a feminine part in me, since very small.J’aimais secretly take the affairs of my big sister and disguised me quite often. But living in a city out of the question to tell anyone. I introduce myself, Samir, or rather Samira, Algerian, 1m82 95 kg hazel hair hazel eyes, rather round with beautiful buttocks beautiful shapes and even small breasts and here is the story that made me change of first name for a first name female.

I had a lot of friends in town, but as I told you, I could not talk about my sexual orientation. Loving the sport, I met my future 1st lover at the pool but I did not know it yet. I was 19 years old at the time and he, a beautiful Turkish man named Sahin, was 32.

He was a swimming instructor and was forced to coast this pool contact was quickly established between us but it was purely friendly to beginning.
I sometimes went to his house to have a coffee or to help him fill papers because he was not very comfortable with everything that was administrative.

One day he invited me to eat a pizza in front of a football game and I went in relaxed mode without suspecting that I would lose my virginity tonight. Once the game is over he offers me to watch a dvd, which I accept and when the video starts I see the logo “prohibited under 18” and I say “ok what’s he thinking? ” because frankly I did not imagine it to be attracted by men at all, besides I think that today it still is not.

I call him
me- uh, Sahin, did not you fool yourself?
Sahin- No, why? Have you ever seen an ass movie or what?
m-if it’s just that I did not expect it
do you worry it will stay between us we masturbate each other we are happy there is no harm right?
m-no there is no harm the film starts and as by chance it’s a movie with an Arabian. I blush stupidly as if it was me who was playing in the movie
sahin-fucking they are good Arabs especially Algerian there is nothing to say and I see him out his gear, huge, not too long I would say in the 16-17 cm but very thick.

I start to wet ass without realizing it and I can not watch TV, I’m mesmerized by his cock until his voice comes out of my spell
sahin-so you’re not masturbating? you do not like the girl on the tv?
me if if it’s just that mine is very small I dare not go out
s-it does not matter we are between us loose
m-no really give up I do not prefer and saying that I continue to fix his tail greedily and he tells me do you want to shake me?

do not stop looking from just now me-no no dsl it’s just that this is the first time I see such a big one Come on I promise you I will say nothing to anyone. it will be our little secret I join him on the couch and he takes my hand and brings him to his sex. it’s so big that I can not get around it. very quickly he hits me by the neck and makes me go down on his cock, the desire is too great, I let myself be like a slut and began to suck him tenderly
sahin-aaah damn you suck too well, I knew you were a slut.

Since all this time I saw you at the pool move your big thighs and your big buttocks like a rebellious daronne. I’m going to make you a real woman, you’ll be my princess hummmm and I feel her big fingers start to dig my little hole sahin-fucking but you wet like a girl my word! do you like that we care about you, my bitch? I say nothing so much, I am ashamed of death, I dare not even raise my head.

Do you like it or not? otherwise we stop I look up at him, filled with tears me-yes I like So why are you crying?
m-I do not know the fear, the shame …

s-listen to my princess, what happens tonight will stay between us I promise you, I just ask you to be to me as a woman with her husband and everything will be fine ok? m-yes sahin I promise you
and he rolls me a shovel of sick and I totally surrender to him
me-baby I’m yours, from today I want to be your wife, your princess, your slut, your dog whatever you want will you be all this at once my dear
on these words he gets me up and takes me to his room, the finger always inside my ass …

His penis luster

His penis luster

My heart was a bit heavy to see him like that. So I decided to go a little ahead even if I was not completely sure what I was doing. I grabbed a wheeled stool and said:
– I have one last auscultation to do before you relax, I said, giving birth to a charming smile on his lips. Put yourself against the wall.

The man complied and stood up, back against the wall. I placed the stool in front of him and sit on it deliberately up the bottom of my blouse so that he can see the top of my stockings held by garters. He said nothing but I could feel his heart beating and his cock stretching in his pants.
– I just want to make sure that you do not have any problems with the reproductive system, I lied with a marble professionalism.

Mr. Duton seemed disappointed and a little ashamed to bend as well. He allowed himself, however, to do when I challenged his pants and exposed his penis about ten centimeters. His gaze was turned towards the ceiling and he avoided looking in my direction, which gave me time to admire his phallus, decamped and beardless, which had once been a source of pleasure for many women. His purses, although wrinkled and hanging, seemed packed and I told myself that my intervention should not last too long.

– You can choose to look at the ceiling, close your eyes or look in my direction, I whispered in a sensual voice starting to fiddle with his cock with the fingertips.

The septuagenarian, whose body was stiff, did not flinch when he felt his bandaged sex get trapped in my mouth hot and wet. He suddenly turned his gaze to me and detailed my work with an inquisitive and excited eye. Although not very long, her sex was thick enough that I had to force the corners of my mouth to stretch more than usual.

After a taste of mothballs, its tail with a taste that delighted my taste buds and glans smooth and shiny was a delight to lick. I sucked slowly, taking care to properly hydrate his shaft to go further next time. My fingers undid another button of my blouse and seized the old man’s left hand and guided it on my left breast. I felt his cock automatically stretch in my mouth and his awesome hand almost knead me shyly chest.

Her restraint, her charisma and her respect rejoiced me and comforted me in the idea that I had made the right decision. They also pushed me to do my job carefully and to push my limits by pushing deeper and deeper into this pile, once again young for a moment, inside me. The idea that he could have been my grandfather did not disappear completely and after all, I do not think it would have displeased him to have a little girl like me at home.

I concentrated assiduously on the fellatio when I felt the hand of the septuagenarian leave my breast with regret and rest on my cheek. I removed his penis luster of my mouth but continued to masturbate gently waiting to find out what he had to say to me.

“Thank you for that moment, madam,” he said with a sincere smile. But I do not think you should continue.
– Are you shy, Mr Duton? I asked with a mischievous smile.
– A little yes, he told me. And especially excited by what you do, he concludes. I had never felt so young for a long time.
“Thank you for warning me,” I said wickedly.

Open a button in my blouse

Open a button in my blouse

I took office quickly and welcomed my first patients. The first were elderly men and women, who often had problems with bladder, hearing or simply old age. In short, nothing interesting to put in the tooth! Shortly after lunchtime, a man entered. He had a body of Apollo, green eyes and fleshy lips but when I tried an approach, as subtle as it is, he was forced to confess his homosexuality. I was still empty-handed, very excited and a little disappointed with this day.

The last client on the program was a septuagenarian whose arm was plastered and whose dark eyes fell a little too frequently at the level of my chest, which strengthens despite myself. The elderly were not really my cup of tea but my belly was boiling and I say to myself that after all, I could play well with him and satisfy him a little. Especially since with an arm in the plaster, he had to struggle to “evacuate” his desires.

While he was sitting on the bed, I decided to discreetly open a button in my blouse. When he saw the furrow of my breasts, the old man, who could have been my grandfather, was speechless. I put myself in front of him, so that he did not miss a crumb of the show, and positioned me between his legs apart. I smiled gently, placed the stethoscope tips in my ears and slipped the flag under his shirt. I heard her heart pounding as her eyes did not leave my chest and her body shuddered.

I continued my auscultation then felt his hand soft, injured but powerful to land on my hip and my buttocks as if nothing had happened. In my turn, my heart was pounding in front of so much daring, even rudeness.

“You are not very serious, Mr. Duton,” I said, smiling as I continued my analysis.
“I’m sorry,” he stuttered, promptly removing his hand. My hand slipped because of this damn plaster, he lied while blushing but still complimenting me on my beauty.
“Do not worry, we’ll soon be able to take it away,” I told him.
Once my inspection was over, I invited him to get up and position himself on the scale. I noticed a bump particularly well marked on his pants a little faded.

I smiled quietly biting my lower lip and, once he was on the scale, I leaned forward to the level of his pelvis and took my time to read the result displayed by the machine. The scent of his cologne intoxicated my senses. Even at a distance, I could feel his erection coming to my attention and I was not indignant, quite the opposite.

– You are good at the level of weight but you should not hesitate to eat more, I advised him standing up and seeing his eyes turn away from my ass. Do you exercise a lot?
– A little but unfortunately not as I would like, he replied, looking at his right arm plastered.
– You are married ? I asked curiously.
“Widower,” he replied with difficulty. And besides, I’m right-handed, “he added, laughing as if to relax the atmosphere.

I immediately understood the meaning and decided to smile at him.
– Nowadays there is always a way to find what you are looking for, I maliciously whispered.
“Oh, for old men like me, there is not much hope left,” he mumbled, following me to the office to settle his visit.


watch her work

I knew Sandra had a toy in the drawer of her nightstand, but I thought she was only using it when we were together. Mentally, I imagined my wife giving herself pleasure during my absence. My salacious thoughts woke up my libido and I started to excite myself!
“When are they going to send you the first samples?” I asked him.
“In fact, the first batch arrived this afternoon,” Sandra replied. “I was waiting for you to come in. You want to see?”

Dry mouth, I nodded. I loosened my tie and sat in my favorite chair while my wife disappeared into the kitchen. She came back almost immediately, carrying a cardboard box. It was still sealed and I realized that she had kept me surprised. Sandra knelt at my feet and started tearing the package. She was excited as a child unpacking her Christmas present.

I watched her tear the seals off the box with a long, painted nail. I lowered my eyes on her to watch her work, and I took advantage of course to admire her swollen throat in the notch of her dress that deviated at the discretion of his movements.

With a shout of joy, my wife eradicated a small box of cardboard. I could see the picture on the top, a big vibrator, the size indicated on the box specified that the toy should measure about 30 centimeters. Suddenly, I became skeptical and wondered if she could try such a huge machine, since the diameter seemed to be related to the length!
She did not waste time opening the box and pulling out the object of her lust. It looked long and massive with a bulbous head in the shape of an acorn. She swiveled the base and the thing vibrated in the void.

“Ooh … but that seems very interesting to me!” she giggled as her fingers slid up and down around the plastic rod, imitating a naughty gesture.
I forced myself to smile as I watched her manipulate the instrument of torture. I could feel my cock harden in my pants thinking of the feeling that I would feel if his fingers came to pay me the same attention.
“I’ll have to put myself at ease to properly appreciate this big boy,” she said with a polite smile. “And judging by the bump in the front of your pants, Robert, I do not think you’re against it, are you?”
She was right. My cock was now semi-erect and quite uncomfortable in my pants. My whole body yearned for some relaxation!

Getting up, she opened her dress completely to reveal her body a little heavy, her hips full and her big breasts. Her carefully cut pussy was visible under a thin panties. Of course, I knew my wife’s body by heart, but the excitement of the moment made her look fresh and fresh.
“Why do not you try this thing on your nipples, baby?” I asked in a voice that sounded like a croak.

Sandra smiled as she played with the various speeds of the vibrator and gently placed the end on her left breast. Supporting her big breast with one hand, she stroked the nipple, bypassing the nipple before applying the tip of the object directly on it. The effect was amazing.

It was as if the vibration electrified his whole body. She closed her pretty eyes, her head leaned back as she gently caressed her nipple with the toy. A brief moment, she stopped her caress to suck his fingers to moisten the turgid nipple. She repeated the same procedure on her right breast until she was moaning and her nipples were red and swollen.
It was then that we heard the garden door open and the voice of the neighbor Jeanne call:
“Hello, is there anyone, Sandra?”
Surprise nailed us. It was too late to do anything before Jeanne entered the living room. She had a hiccup when she discovered the scene. Sandra’s cheeks flushed, kneeling on the floor in panties, knees apart, a visible spot of moisture on the front of her panties. The vibrator in his hand vibrated his own life.

“Oh shit, sorry!” exclaimed Jeanne, putting her hand in front of her mouth. “I did not have .. I .. just ..! But hey, do not stop for me! Looks like we’re having fun here!”
Jeanne had a big smile. I looked at Sandra who winked at me and then just shrugged. It seemed she was happy with a larger audience!

Jeanne settled on the floor in front of my feet. I was a little disturbed by his proximity. My erection became painful and I was sure she could see the bump of my pants. I did not know his reaction.


beautiful blond hair

Every day the same story. I take the RER to Paris to go to work. Regularly I mate and fantasy on the guys who pass by my side. In general, once in the train I sleep, finally, I rest rather. Sometimes, I’m too busy with my erection by drooling on this or that situation.

I put my bag on my pants when that’s the case. While I have only 16/4 but hey, I prefer to avoid that it is noticeable. My jeans could reveal my excitement to idiots. I fantasize because I know far from standards and surely never such things could happen to me. I am 1m82 95kg. I have a rather thick build so I’m not particularly big. Hairy bear style. I am 26 years old, brown eyes, a beard.

Short brown hair and glasses. I do not consider myself exceptional but not ugly either. And despite that, as I said, I usually just fantasize, dream of what could happen to me in various situations. Until finally, one day one of his fantasies come true.
He was as tall as me, as white as me. About twenty. Beautiful blue eyes and beautiful blond hair. He was a little archetype of this kind of twink that could make me drool sometimes.

He had settled at my side on the train, several bags with him, putting his last on his knees. I remember having stared at her a lot while trying not to get noticed too much. From time to time he turned his head towards me then smiled and I turned my head to do so I saw nothing. He put his hand on my thigh without saying anything, caressing her gently. I let him do it.

Nobody could see anything with his bags. He continued his caresses, coming to pass his hand at the level of my crotch and sliding between my thighs. I did not react any more, biting my lip, leaving it both embarrassed and subdued. He took my left hand, laying it on his tight jeans. I could perfectly feel his hump. I shuddered with excitement. He leaned over to ask me in a whisper where I was coming down. It was the return trip, I was going home. I give him the name of the station and he looks at me with a most vicious smile.

” – Perfect. Me too. There is a toilet right next to the train station. You will follow me there and I will give you what you are looking forward to without saying it. ”

The way he whispered his words, his look. I felt like nirvana. He had a dominant air that made me terribly docile. He did not even need to ask if I preferred being active or passive. He had immediately awakened the subject in me. He continued to stroke me to the train station. To go out I had to hide my erection by keeping my bag in front of me.

He did the same with one of his bags. Leaving the train. Going to the bathroom, we came back at the same time. Unlike Paris, here few people were likely to see us enter. He put his bags down and closed the door. He came to put his hand on my neck and kissed me while squeezing it. He wanted me to understand who was leading. He came back to his face to my neck, blowing in.

“You seem well submissive. We’ll have fun … on our knees. ”

And to accompany his words he squeezed my neck while pressing down. I found myself on my knees in record time. He made me want like never before so I came to bring my face to his pants to kiss him. He then pulled my hair back and looked at me with a deeply degrading look.

“Stay in your slutty place. I tell you what to do. Next time you’ll pay him. ”

I nodded under the dominant nature he gave off. He looked at me like an inferior being and I liked it. This angelic blonde hid a dark and vicious side that did not displease me.

“- Since you seem so eager to suck me. Take off my shoes and socks and lick my feet dragged. ”

I swallow. I would not have thought of falling on this kind of guy but it only increases my excitement. I lower my face to the ground, coming to remove a shoe and a sock. Fortunately, they were clean. I was not too plugged dirt. I come to kiss this feet, licking the top and coming licking their toes. He moans and seems to take some pleasure.

I just suck his toes, he moaned a little more, stroking his member erected in his pants. He takes out his phone from one of his pockets, unlocking it and taking a picture of the scene. I tremble a little while looking at him, he returns his phone to show me.

” – Do not worry. You’ll just end up on Snap for my subscribers. Continue your taff with the other foot and come free my tail. ”

He was spreading the servant and I could not find anything to say.

asian girl on his cock likes to lick him up


Half-naked women

The young woman has quickly passed his hands under her skirt and pulls on the thin protection of his privacy, Tommy now knows that it is accessible, at his mercy, he must decide it makes him hard but faithful husband he waits that his friend joins his wife and embraces him, now nothing keeps him from doing the same, the two couples reformed kissing full mouth, hands go to the exploration of the bodies making up skirt and dress and lower the pants , groans fuse, Candice and Cécile surrender to caresses more and more precise while they masturbate two beautiful yards
The thick carpet receives the two half-naked women side by side, knees bent and open, ready to protrude, pelvis arched so that men can eat easily cats dripping, the stage of jealousy is outdated, Tommy and Jeannot give the best of themselves in order to make enjoy the woman of the other first, this game Tommy is the best because his fingers do not remain inactive, the little ring of Cecile softens despite his reluctance of fear that her husband realizes this supreme caress hitherto reserved for the couple … it is she who gives the first signs of a revealing orgasm
– Jeannot! Jeannot? forgive me but i’m jooooooouuuuuuuiiiiiiirrrrrrr! ….. hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa you do me good Tommy! again and again !!
Her too busy husband does not react to the call for help from his wife, so the lover takes advantage of his superiority to get in position and sting with a single stroke of the woman in rapture, the enjoyment does not stop not, Cécile slams her happiness and pisses abundantly pussy on tommy purses that redouble ardor
Beside Candice just starting to react, real pleasure or simulation? because his gaze does not leave the illegitimate couple who gives their heart joy, knees bent on the chest she draws her and her in her unexpected lover who suddenly hangs between the legs welcoming … he discharges long powerful jets sperm which revives the pleasure voluntarily suffocated Cecile, the next moment the two bodies seem to struggle, in fact the woman tries to repel the man who seeks his anus to sodomize, but in vain … new complaint, pain this time muzzled so as not to upset her husband when the stiff member slowly sinks in between her buttocks … a short moment of adaptation and the thrusts resume more beautiful
– Jeannot? what are you waiting for? your wife does not stop to enjoy with my boyfriend and I stay on my hunger!
– Excuse me but I have a breakdown …
– I’m sure it’s your wife’s fault, Tommy? stop kissing Cecile, we are in the harbor, I want to cum too!
– Shit shit! let me go, I’m in full effort! so Jeannot are powerless?
– You make too much noise it disturbs me, what does it do for you to bellow so darling?
– He’s bugging me!
– WHAT ???
– I fucked her and now I sodomize her to unload a second time
– Stop !! stop!
– Do not steer yourself so Jeannot, look rather this
Tommy thrusts and throws Cecile on him, she finds herself in front of her husband thighs and pussy gaping still deeply impaled on the tail of Tommy, he swallowed twice his saliva before he can speak
– Whore what a view, my wife with a stranger’s dick in her ass and her pussy still evacuating cum, I’ll never forget this picture of your crotch
“Do not you notice anything, Jeannot? there remains a hole of free, what would you say to join me?
– He is right honey, take me both, just fuck your little wife ….
At these words flabby tail swells and lengthens visibly, Candice, good player lets her lover get up from between her thighs and go to see more closely Tommy who slowly slides the tail in the distended anus to encourage him to fuck his wife has two, after hesitating he sinks two fingers into the vagina as to test the remaining place ..
– Good God it’s funny … I feel your cock move in my wife, fucking I band like a donkey!
– Join me … let’s fuck him
cock in hand he lies down on the adulterous couple to penetrate the vulva deformed, three times he misses the entrance more or less obstructed and especially very slippery, Jeannot begins to get angry again when his member is snapped up a blow by the matrix, Cecilia breathes a long sigh and grabs her husband by the neck in thanks and especially relieved to be able to continue to be sodomized by the neighbor with impunity … the two men quickly find the right rate to make scream the young woman at most, the melancholy look, Candice fingering her pussy to maintain her excitement in case she would blow herself up in a few minutes …

I discovered masturbation

I discovered masturbation

I discovered masturbation around 12 or 13 years old. A friend had described to me how to do it (“you take it in your hand and you rub like that” with an explicit gesture mimed with his hand). When I got home, I lay across my bed, I lowered my pants and my underwear and I tried this technique. three four strokes and suddenly an explosion in my head accompanied by my first real ejaculation! I was amazed and suddenly, I began to practice this leisure daily, see more!
To avoid getting caught, I did it preferably at the WC, the attic, in the cellar. In the attic, the advantage was that there were erotic books (vaguely …) that stimulated my imagination.
Sometimes I did that outside, walking around in the forest. I was going to an isolated place and I undressed entirely. I lay in the grass and I masturbated in the sun.
It happened to me, when my parents were working, to vary the pleasures. I liked for example masturbate by doing my needs. Either at the WC, when I pushed, I liked when the feces were big and stretched my anus. I pushed very hard and, as soon as it was evacuated, I masturbated caressing my anus. In the same style, I sat on a chamber pot in the attic and pretended I was pooping. In the meantime, a poop was coming and I was ejaculating on it. Then I threw it on the roof and it ended in the goutière.
One day, workers forgot a screwdriver with a big hard plastic handle. I used this tool to devote myself to sodomy. I introduced it into my anus and made him go back and forth, while stroking my penis until I ejaculate. I liked to sodomize well. But sometimes, I just took my fingers and introduced them into my anus.
Later, I happened to masturbate with friends. In general, we locked in my room and we looked at an ass (as they said). At first, we caressed each other by making sure that our t-shirt hid our parts. But little by little, we emboldened ourselves and we lowered our pants and our underpants on our thighs, even our ankles, and we caressed each other by looking at us from the corner of the eye. I had a boyfriend who was ejaculating in his panties. I preferred to use a handkerchief or already dirty slip.
I will develop some stories later!