The narrow skirt she wore

The narrow skirt she wore

But while he stared dumbfounded the two globes of flesh that boldly pointed their buds erected flesh, Julien imagined that instead of his wife, was his stepmother. What sight would have given Monique to struggle like that, completely naked, above her lower abdomen? Certainly at fifty-two years old, she certainly possessed a body much more closely wrapped than that of her daughter; however, from what he had been able to judge in the afternoon, Monique still possessed a comely figure.

The narrow skirt she wore, if she drew with extreme precision her shapely hips and adorably rounded rump, did not reveal the least unsightly bulges. As for her bosom, as her bodice might have guessed, she looked aggressive, though Julien thought realistically, the bra was sure to help this provocative posture.
What a sight it must be, to see this busty breasts tossed to the rhythm of the sexual ride. Like many men, Julien had a perverse desire for the heavy and somewhat drooping breasts of mature women.

To rub her vulva and especially her clitoris exacerbated against the prominence formed by the bandaged sex of her husband, had accentuated Germaine desire that tormented. In the depths of her vagina, a fire had sprung up, radiating her bowels, while an abundant flow escaped from her panicked pussy?

However, the sensual friction that she granted herself and which had triggered this tremendous desire in all her body was no longer sufficient; she needed something more concrete ‘She wanted to feel the penis that she perceived against her big sexual lips, to sink inside her pussy, penetrate her vagina deeply.

Then straightening up quickly, she grabbed the belt of the pajama pants that covered the object of his desires, to pull it along the thighs of her husband.
– My God, you’re all wet! She chuckled, aware that she was the author of the moisture that stained the front of the pajamas.
– Whose fault is it ! Julien Plaisanta.

Fastening with longing lust, stiff and swollen, she had just updated, Germaine gently flatted her palm, before grasping it between her fingers to hold it vertically:
– I like when you’re hard like that, she confessed in a voice already hoarse by desire? I feel like I’m going to feast!
– As each time adds Julien.

– That’s right, darling? Are you good at giving me a real pleasure?
While speaking, Germaine had resumed her initial posture, riding over her husband’s lower abdomen. Cleverly she positioned herself so that the big juicy lips of her pussy are placed in front of the dilated glans of the virile member. Then, in a whine of satisfaction, she dropped, impaling himself deeply on the pal of velvety flesh.
– Oh yes, she moaned? It’s good ‘I feel you to the bottom of the belly? Hhuuummm ‘

Perceiving this well-known wet heat, wrap his member like a hot sheath, Julien experienced an incredible pleasure. His penis and the vagina of his wife fit precisely, as if the two organs had been molded relative to each other. The elastic walls of Germaine’s vulva intimately married the smallest contours of her tail, even pressing them.

Suddenly a wave of pleasure ran through her lower abdomen. Germaine had just started one of his caresses which she had the secret, in fact her erotic specialty. At each of their sexual intercourse, it was always the same process. He should have been used to it, however, he still had the same pleasure. Deeply impaled on her tense cock, Germaine completely motionless, he massaged the penis with the help of the muscles of her vagina …

After a long training where he had served as guinea pig, his sensual wife had managed to contract and relax his intimate muscles at will. Under this special and unusual cajolery, Julien had the impression that the sex of his wife pumped him like a greedy mouth. Feeling the vulva hot and terribly wet suck his penis by pressing it, to release it at once gave Julien an extraordinary pleasure.

Germaine had confessed to having learned this process of a Moroccan cons, with whom she had befriended, at a seminar of lawyers:
During an evening when they came to talk about sex and practices that differentiated their country, Amina had told her about that particular caress she had learned from her grandmother herself.

In fact according to Amina it was quite simple, it was enough to compress the muscles of her vagina, as to stop urination, and then release them to continue to urinate? Amina had advised her to train each time she went to urinate so that the walls of her vagina became muscle.

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