Always accompanied by girlfriends and surrounded by a boys yard

Always accompanied by girlfriends and surrounded by a boys yard

But yes, you always had good memory. Obviously I changed, but I’m glad you recognized me. Yet at the time we were rather competitors than friends. For years I’ve been trying to beat you in the standings and when I did, I was proud. This emulation was great.

– Yes, that’s the reason for the resonance of your name. You really changed and I would not have recognized you. It’s that you’ve become a very beautiful young woman, if I can afford a compliment.

– Thank you. So would you agree to spend some time with me?

– But willingly. Let’s sit at this terrace. Can I offer you a drink?

What did this attractive creature tell me? While I had attended school in public institutions, college and high school, her parents had enrolled in a private institution of good reputation, and since the end of the third I had not rubbed, seen or met outside holidays.

Always accompanied by girlfriends and surrounded by a boys yard, she seemed inaccessible to the left boy, uncomfortable in his body in full growth that I was then. But in his way of provoking an interview, I found his direct way of addressing his entourage.

– Compliment for compliment, I think you have become a handsome young man. This uniform and your kepi are going to delight. You are military and graded?

– If it is the uniform that caught your attention, enjoy the sight quickly, in three months I will have finished my military service. After the reserve officer school I was appointed second lieutenant. But what do you become?

After the baccalaureate she prepared a bachelor’s degree and hopes to enter teaching at the end of the IUMP in one year. After which she will found a home with the brave boy who will want her. I knew her more directly in the playground to designate the boy she liked. I had never been that elected. And I did not suffer. She will have no difficulty in finding a husband.

– And what will you do when you leave this beautiful uniform my second lieutenant? It’s a shame, it suits you so well.

– They say “my lieutenant”. But you forget that title. This is fortunately a temporary situation. Call me Adrien or I’ll tell you “miss”
I was admitted to a business school and plan to leave in three years with an interesting degree to start a professional career. And like you, I hope to meet one day the woman of my life to found a home.

– Because you’re still single? Do you have a girlfriend, a fiancee? No ? So, look no further, the woman of your life is before you. You remained the workman, a real fighter, but you took the insurance. With or without a uniform I think you’ll do a great job. I apply.

I am very flattered. But she is not serious. Or she is cracked! Beautiful and radiant, she can not be single or the boys have gone crazy! She certainly has a friend or a fiancé, a bed-mate as the student custom now requires, the opposite is inconceivable. I feel the trap, I look for the hidden camera and accomplices who will arise and laugh if I bite the hook.

But his eyes! Ciel, what an actress she seems sincere, waiting for an answer. For me the attack was so strange, so fast, so unexpected, so implausible. I am stunned, I remain incredulous, unable to find an immediate and adequate response. The proposal does not meet my expectations. I’m not insensitive to the charms of young girls, but my wedding project is not current. In four or five years, not before, when I have enough to support a woman, I will have time to think about it.

If tomorrow a beautiful girl tells me that she wants to make love with me and it will be without result, I will grant him satisfaction, I will caress her, perform as desired the figures of kamasoutra, I lick her pussy until To ecstasy, I will not forget any part of her body, I will massage her, I will take her, I will give her pleasure. And as agreed we will say goodbye or goodbye. I am willing to help and enjoy each other. I’m waiting for the amateur, but I do not promise the marriage.

Finally, the opportunity has never presented, it is easy to fantasize, the passage to the act is not obvious and it is also more likely to provide a prudent retirement or escape!

But make a definite commitment today!
Laure is beautiful, unsettling, but what fly stung her, why does she throw herself at my head? If it is sincere, if it is not a farce of bad taste, if it did not let itself be influenced by the prestige of the uniform, why this sudden haste? She always had the spirit of competition; but to examine things well, we are practically unknown.

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