I’m going to steal my father’s pajamas

I’m going to steal my father’s pajamas

True, he was white with rage or disappointment. One less. That one, you settled his account quickly, well done. Bravo. You will not see him again, he had yet look great with his kepi and his barrettes officer. If he did not understand, the French army is badly barred. And he did not know where to go.

I asked them to shut up. They continued to laugh. They assured me that if I had really loved it, I would not have treated it as anything less than nothing.

– Even a dog does not surrender so brutally, concluded Gilles. His visit bothered you so much?

“I like when you know how to decide,” said Raymond. You will not regret it, I am here. You could have packed it in the trunk, we would have laughed? He could have slept in the car, while I was doing you good under the tent. Ah! I imagine the scene. Your cuckold listening, me filing and you screaming your orgasm. He would have understood quickly. You would not have needed to chase him, he would have gone off on his own. Tonight I’ll make you your party, you deserved it.

Aurélie gets loose before disappearing discreetly:

– Always the same topics of conversation, it flies under the belt. For once, your Raymond is right. Your cuckoo was right. I agree: You do not deserve to see Adrien again, he is too good for you. But you will regret it. It’s something else than your womanizer. By the way, the girls had to sleep in pairs, did you say, and your Raymond had the hope to make love to you in the sleeping bag? You paid for my head. It’s clean.

– Hush, not so hard, I already blundered enough. Their sarcasm brought me back to reality. They highlighted my lack of knowing how to live and especially the cruelty of my attitude. I forgot the organization, I doubled Marc, I parked on a sidewalk. I passed all the papers to Sylvestre, I told them to go take our seats and wait at the campsite. And here I am. What a jerk I am sometimes. Do you think he loves me enough and he can forgive me? Where is he ?

– In my bed he would be very happy. By chance for you, I was too slow and he is not in love with me. Too bad, I would have loved it. He is in the living room. Will it be ok? You find your minds? You better show yourself nice, very delicate. The game is not won. You have been null, arched null.

– Adrien, my love. You are the ? How happy I am.

She jumps on my neck, gives me that kiss full of love that I hoped for when I arrived. She repeats to me what she has said to her sister, and that I have heard, while watering a great deal, begging me to forgive her conduct, the unworthy welcome, her lack of tact. The others are in the car, with the exception of Raymond made furious by the U-turn. At her request, she placed him in front of his house with his belongings.

All the better, he had urged her to leave, had made her lose her cool and cause the irreparable.
I have the right to be angry. His left hand holds my neck, the caress, the right forefinger walks on my chest, point my heart, his eyes implore my indulgence. To reassure me and to convince me she uses her best weapon, a new kiss. She came back, she kissed me with passion, long, eyes in the eye. I go back, find the desire to love him. From the darkest misery, I turn to bliss.

– Say, Adrien, you still love me, you will always love me, you want me? You came to tell me, that’s it ?? I broke everything ?? You made this way to talk to me, I did not know how to listen to you. Me, I love you, I beg you, forget. The annoyance due to the delay, the surprise of your arrival at the time of departure, the repeated calls of others made me fart a lead. You are not answering me. You do not want me anymore?

Yes, I have a problem. This Raymond cuckoo would he have taken place under his tent? But how do you talk to him? And without having the answer to this question, I can not decide my life with or without Laura.

– You’re upset, I feel it. It’s normal. Give me a chance to redeem myself. There is a free place in the car, come with me, let’s spend these twenty-four hours together. It will be wonderful. And you’ll tell me tomorrow or another day if you want me as a fiancée. I’m going to steal my father’s pajamas, you’ll swim in them and there must be an old tracksuit. We’ll manage. Okay ? You have a question ?

– Yes, where am I going to sleep?

– Under my tent, of course. I do not scare you? Unless.

– In Raymond’s place?

– Ah! I see. You imagined that Raymond and I were going to share the same tent because he was sitting next to me in the car. Think again, I had a particular intention for him and I told him he would sleep with Sylvester. It made them moan, but that was the rule, if he wanted forgiveness! You must believe me. Come on, come on, Emilie and Gilles will get impatient. One minute, I take the necessary for you and we go there.

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