Tongue against tongue

Tongue against tongue

She had landed as an amazon on my legs. To kiss me she twists his chest, I have one hand in his permanent and the other in his back, a finger on the link of the bra: I want to ensure his balance but also show him my desire to participate in sharing some pleasure. Like an eel she escapes the embrace and finds herself straddling my thighs, puts his hands on my ears and takes possession of my lips with renewed ardor, back turned on the screen.

In my head an angel blows “it is not done the first day” and a demon whispers me “carpe diem”. It’s too good, I give in to the little devil. Laure has felt my resistance, she pushes her advantage, blocks my head, opens her lips and sends just between mine the tip of a clever tongue.

It tickles, I give a passage, the tip is passed, the rest follows. This is another first. Tongue against tongue, in my invaded mouth, indulges a delicious fight. My tongue tries to limit the invasion, his slips between cheeks and cheeks, visit the inside of my lips, triggers chills, pushes against mine, slips below, above, goes to the assault of my tonsils, in perpetual motion.

I rebel, resist, fight with rage, push back his tongue, pursue it into his mouth and give me the investigations learned the last minute, I taste his saliva, intoxicated me in my turn. My hands slipped from his back, involuntarily grab soft flesh, I cover her breasts, knead them for a long time, before realizing that I am doing this “that is not done the first day”. To the angel it is Laure who answers “It’s good, do not stop”

She must have decided to take the decision on the first day. With skill she blasted the buttons of her blouse, cleared her two breasts and delivered them to my impatient hands. The kiss is interrupted to give me free access to his chest. Am I too slow? His hand grasps my neck, pulls my head, guides my lips to one breast. I am the infant, rolls between my lips the hardened tip of the nipple, I suck gently.

Laure stifles a groan, presses on my neck. She has two breasts, I owe the second the same homage curious. This appetite makes me lose all my complexes, my assumed sucking, I realize the result of the accumulation of discoveries and sensations: at the bottom of my belly, the bow has stretched, the arrow wants to escape .

Honey, it’s so good, said the burning mouth to my ear. Laure tells me that to her despair, she is settled. The little string that came out of the shirt had informed me. But if I allow or want, she can bring me manual or oral relief. I give you the raw content of prudent periphrases intended to suggest more than affirm, very odd in comparison with the acts we have been doing since the beginning of the film.

I greedily resume my mouth and perfected with conviction the art of kissing. It’s good and it silences the temptress full of resources. We must not confuse silence and inaction, I learn when a hand comes to tease the revolution in my pants. This time it will cause damage! I finally find an ounce of energy to claim better conditions for such an important act.

In order for her to yield, she must have heard not a refusal but the promise of a future meeting, in short the expected answer since her application. Beat the iron when it’s hot, she gets along. I was jostled by a tornado, I took my pleasure and forgot my plans.

Fortunately I am saved by its temporary unavailability. She accepts an evening meal in a restaurant that will cost me my last savings, she does not need to know. I’m going to have at least a month in front of me to sort out my ideas and bail out my wallet with spending restraints.

During the meal, we look at each other, we exchange our views on marriage, on fidelity in a couple: in all respects it shares my ideas. That I do not worry, such Penelope she will wait for her Ulysses, and to start she will cancel all planned outings to wait for me wisely. I am insulting myself, fidelity is a disposition of the heart, I would be unhappy to deprive her of healthy distractions or the frequentation of her friends.

The wait does not have to be a four-year Lent. She will have to continue living normally, perhaps experiencing temptations and measuring her resilience. I will apply the same rule if at my next permission I make a commitment to her.

I do not ask anyone to share my opinions. The girl who will not agree will pass her way. I came across the rare pearl if I believe Laure. We leave each other with difficulty.

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