You recommended me to live normally

You recommended me to live normally

It is a small street perpendicular to two important arteries. In front of the pavilion park two cars with roof galleries loaded and covered. Laure, I recognize her decided pace, close the trunk of her Peugeot, makes a sign with her hand to Aurelie, goes to her door: she is preparing to leave. I call, she stops, turns in my direction, sees me. She does not run, just waiting, shows no joy as I go, but leans in the car and speaks to its occupants. I hear the last sentence

– I’m asking you for five minutes.

Finally she takes three or four steps in my direction, drops two quick kisses on my cheeks, leaning forward, keeping the distance:

– Adrien, what are you doing here? You did not have to come before three or four weeks. You should have warned me: Within seconds we were gone. I organized a trip with friends, we will camp at Lake Madine, we will spend the night and come back tomorrow afternoon.

I made the reservations, all planned on the spot for the meals and the leisures: Sailing and games. I’m sorry, but what to do? I can not let down friends. You understand ? Will you still be here tomorrow between 4 pm and 5 pm?

– Hey ! Laure, we’ll be late, shouts one of the occupants of the first vehicle.

The five minutes generously granted seem too long. I embarrass others, Laura is embarrassed. I’m worth five minutes.

– Yes I’m coming. You see, everything is timed. I would tell you to follow us. But you have not planned anything, no tent, no toiletries, no clothes for relaxation. Really, my poor Adrien, I’m sorry. You recommended me to live normally.

– Laure, hurry up shouts a girl’s voice.

A young man occupies the front seat next to the driver’s seat, leaning over to see the importunate. Beautiful kid, athletic, in the twenty five years. The other vehicle is also occupied by two couples.

– And then we only have four tents. Otherwise Aurélie would have accompanied us. Ah, did you want something?

In turn the front passenger shows up to hasten the departure.

– I received your letter, it made me want to see you. I improvised a permission and I arrived without being able to prevent: excuse me for having delayed your departure. You made me an offer, I wanted to give you my answer orally, with explanations. But it would be too long. Have fun.

– You could at least tell me if it’s yes or no.

– Go, they get impatient. Maybe another time.

I go back to my car.

– Adrien, you’re going without kissing me? See you tomorrow, if I manage to come back before you leave. I’ve got to go. Go quickly, a kiss.

Chaste kiss sent on each cheek. 8 days ago, she kissed me so hard. His letter promised me paradise, a night of endless love. I watch her board. A hand takes mine, it’s Aurélie, the little one s’ur.

– She is angry. The others arrived late, they loaded in speed, got tangled brushes, had to undo and reload the gallery. Marc and Sylvestre, the twins, have two left hands. Their girlfriends Léa and Marie find them unequaled qualities. Do not worry long which ones. This is not a reason to let you down. But nervousness does not justify everything. Laure is not in a normal state. Excuse the.

I have big on the heart. She has good, the little s’ur. The nervousness has good back, indeed. But this coldness! But the little insistence to know the answer to his question! It was she who accosted me, who applied for a union, who was considering canceling all her activities and who, there, only allowed me five minutes or less. His behavior is incomprehensible. She made fun of me, she does not love me.

– Adrien, I offer you a coffee and a piece of cherry pie. I prepared it. You have a minute, come in. I’ll show you pictures of Laure. In his place, I would not be gone or I would have made you a place.

– You heard, they only have four tents for four couples.

– Ah! You think like me. I told him. She told me that the girls would sleep together. You speak ! Four tents, four girls and four boys. Oh ! Excuse me, that does not mean that Laure is going to sleep with Raymond. And even, under the same tent, it does not mean that?

His backwardness full of delicacy does not convince me. What is the point of torturing one’s brains? Laure forgot me, replaced. Often woman varies, mad is who relies on it. You have to be caught to be learned. The die is cast. My heart is sad to die. But I will recover. The pie is undoubtedly excellent, but does not want to go down, the coffee has never seemed so bitter.

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