His penis made particularly sensitive because of the excitement

His penis made particularly sensitive because of the excitement

Perceiving this well-known wet heat, wrap his member like a hot sheath, Julien experienced an incredible pleasure. His penis and the vagina of his wife fit precisely, as if the two organs had been molded relative to each other. The elastic walls of Germaine’s vulva intimately married the smallest contours of her tail, even pressing them.

Suddenly a wave of pleasure ran through her lower abdomen. Germaine had just started one of his caresses which she had the secret, in fact her erotic specialty. At each of their sexual intercourse, it was always the same process. He should have been used to it, however, he still had the same pleasure.

Deeply impaled on her tense cock, Germaine completely motionless, he massaged the penis with the help of the muscles of her vagina … After a long training where he had served as guinea pig, his sensual wife had managed to contract and relax his intimate muscles at will. Under this special and unusual cajolery, Julien had the impression that the sex of his wife pumped him like a greedy mouth. Feeling the vulva hot and terribly wet suck his penis by pressing it, to release it at once gave Julien an extraordinary pleasure.

Germaine had confessed to having learned this process of a Moroccan cons, with whom she had befriended, at a seminar of lawyers:
During an evening when they came to talk about sex and practices that differentiated their country, Amina had told her about that particular caress she had learned from her grandmother herself. In fact according to Amina it was quite simple, it was enough to compress the muscles of her vagina, as to stop urination, and then release them to continue to urinate?

Amina had advised her to train each time she went to urinate so that the walls of her vagina were muscled. The same evening, Germaine had tried, in the secrecy of her hotel room, to put into practice the method of her Moroccan mind. During her intimate toilet, squatting over the bidet, she had pushed his middle finger inside her vulva, and had forced the muscles of her vagina to contract. She felt a slight pressure around her finger, proof that Amina’s words were correct.

Desiring to achieve a result as soon as possible, Germaine had forced herself to train as much as possible and that in the most varied places. Sitting at her desk to consult files or during long meetings in the law office, she forced herself to actuate her intimate muscles; in the public transport also, whether sitting or standing, during the whole journey, she forced the muscles of her vagina to excessive gymnastics?

By dint of regular training, she had managed, one day when she was alone at home, to maintain a banana stuck in her sex by the sole force of her internal muscles. Delighted by the enormous progress she had made for a few minutes with the fruit stuck in her vulva without it falling down? After a few weeks, feeling particularly fit, she had reiterated the experience, but this time peeling the banana.

Strongly pressed by his intimate flesh, the fruit had been crushed, a real marmalade; at that moment, she had regretted the absence of her husband. It would have had the first taste of a new nectar: ​​its vaginal liquor with banana flavor. She was so proud that she immediately informed Amina by email ‘

Since each sexual relationship he had with his wife, Julien was truly blissful. In those moments, he realized that no other woman could have brought him so much pleasure.
But this evening strangely, his wife was particularly expert in his art. Never had his rod been so frenetically kneaded by the burning walls of a vulva abundantly liquefied.

His penis made particularly sensitive because of the excitement, echoed in his lower abdomen and throughout his body, the heat torrid vaginal secretions that enveloped him. The pleasure due to this vaginal furnace was of such intensity, that Julien had to make enormous efforts of concentration in order to resist the enjoyment he felt pointing … But after a few minutes of this maddening treatment, he had to go to the obvious; he might not be able to stop long orgasm that he felt born at the level of his balls.
“Stop,” he growled at last.

– Why ? Minauda Germaine maliciously, still stopping all contractions of her vagina ‘You do not like?
– You know very well that it is not that, defended Julien, persuaded that his wife had understood his emotion? If you continue like this, you are likely to end prematurely our little game ‘
– Ha, that’s not a question!

Mouth had come to rest gently on hers

mouth had come to rest gently on hers

It had been going on for three years when she had met Lucienne, a widow like her, whom she met many times in the cemetery; the latter also coming to rest on the grave of her husband. Two years younger, Lucienne, by his gaiety and good humor had won his sympathy. During their meetings, they had become friends. With his natural joviality, Lucienne had advised him. She had first given up her mourning clothes for more classic and even more sexy outfits. Subjugated by the charisma of her new friend, she had obeyed him in everything.

Thus, Lucienne had forced him to go out more often, taking him to the cinema, the theater or the museum? So that in the space of a few weeks she had been completely transformed, and it had been like a rebirth. Happy with this new friendship, she was far from this moment to suspect how far this relationship would lead her.

The two women had become accustomed to receiving more and more often, either to spend an afternoon having tea or for a lunch at the restaurant. But it was during one of these invitations that his sex life was going to be completely metamorphosed.
That had happened a few months earlier: for the third anniversary of the disappearance of her husband?

That day, as soon as she woke up, Monique felt overwhelmed by a distressing nostalgia that had disturbed her all morning. Wishing to fight this depression which undermined her, she had decided to appeal to the only person who could understand and comfort her, her friend Lucienne?
Immediately understanding her affliction, at the sound of her voice on the telephone, Lucienne had immediately invited her to join her, to spend the afternoon with her?

When she showed up at her friend’s house, she received him with a lot of kindness. Easily understanding her pain for having herself undergone at one time, Lucienne had been extremely attentive, surrounding her with affection and tenderness. Wrapping around her waist she had accompanied him to the living room, where she had invited him to settle in the deep fabric sofa. Feeling that friendly hand resting on her hip had already comforted Monique, while giving her a strange pleasure.

Comfortably installed, they had done honor to the treats, momentarily forgetting their usual diets. The bottle did not resist a long time to their gluttony?
Reassured and cheerful by this agape, Monique had let go against the soft back of the sofa.
– It’s better ? Lucienne had asked, hugging him with his right arm and carelessly putting his left hand against his stomach.

– Yes, thank you?
– I’m glad you feel better, then approved Lucienne by drawing him against his shoulder? You know that I’m always there, when you have trouble.
– Yes, I know, Monique had mumbled the heart suddenly filled with emotion.

To feel so surrounded by tenderness and affection, all that she had missed so much for three years, Monique had experienced an immense feeling of tenderness towards her friend. So when she had begun to cover her face with light kisses, she had accepted him, amused and delighted by this mark of friendship. Bewitched by the warmth with which Lucienne surrounded her, she did not immediately notice that the hand of the latter had landed on his knee widely discovered by his sitting position.

The kisses more and more supported by Lucienne kept her in a languorous well-being. Pleasant chills ran through him even the epidermis. So when Lucienne’s mouth had come to rest gently on hers, she had accepted with a small moan of happiness. It had been so long since his lips had received the homage of a kiss? A kind of drunkenness had pushed him to accept this contact.

At the same time that the language of Lucienne tried to force the dam of her teeth, Monique had perceived a prying graze on the inside of her thighs. At first surprised by this bold initiative on the part of the one she considered her friend, Monique had not yet tried to escape this touch.

It had been so long since a hand had come to explore the outskirts of her sex. Certainly, she would certainly have had to revolt, refuse this caress out of nature. But the sensual torpor in which she bathed was so agreeable, that she did not have the will to reject the indecent touch of her friend. On the contrary, his senses suddenly in turmoil demanded more daring on the part of the latter.

After a while we notice that the sauna is empty

After a while we notice that the sauna is empty

Helen is not very enthusiastic, it embarrasses to find herself completely naked in public. Against this and on my insistence she agrees to try the experiment.
So we go through the locker room and then we go to the room of rest and relaxation. The decor is very nice, we settle in very comfortable chairs and despite the tropical heat we stay wrapped in our bathrobes. We take some time to get used to the situation and observe how things are going. There are few people and the few members move from one place to another without looking at us and shamelessly.

After a long time, Helene and I decided to join the hammam. As soon as we enter we are enveloped by the steam. We vaguely see other silhouettes but impossible to see other people. Gradually we feel more and more comfortable and forget our nakedness. After ten minutes the atmosphere becomes more and more difficult to breathe, and after a good shower we return to the rest and relaxation area.

After a while we notice that the sauna is empty. We go there immediately. Helen lies on the second level while I sit at his side. After a few minutes we are joined by an older couple and then by a single man. I see very quickly that the two men have their eyes riveted on the body of Helen who closed her eyes. They devour her and mate her without restraint.

This is the first time that I find myself in this situation where my wife offers herself completely naked in the eyes of other men. On the beach or in the street I had already noticed that men are turning on her, but this time I have conflicting feelings. I feel jealous, having no desire that others can admire it. But on the other hand my pride feels valued to have for me a woman that other men desire.

After the sauna, we go directly to the jacuzzi and we are joined quite quickly by the elderly couple. The man then begins the conversation on a few banalities then looking at Helen directly congratulates her for her beauty and tells him:
– Allow me to congratulate you on your beauty. You have a beautiful body extremely well proportioned with a face full of sweetness. In addition you move with elegance and refinement. Are you a model or model?
Helen answers that she is neither one nor the other. She is an artist and works in the dance world!

The man answers him as a photographer and if she wanted to, he would be happy to be able to photograph it and he promised to leave his business card at the reception if she wanted to contact him.
It’s time for us to go to our massage session.
We enter a large room with two mattresses on the floor. There is an atmosphere of great serenity? Some lit candles give a very soft light while soft music and a few sticks of incense end up creating a relaxing atmosphere.

We are introduced to the two masseuses who will take care of us. Two young women like Indian or Indonesian, with long black hair and black eyes. Not very big and pretty thin. They ask us to sit flat on the belly and bare on tatamis.
They then begin a full body massage. Massage with essential oils not starting the feet and slowly going up on the whole body.

As the massage, I let myself completely go and feel all the stress accumulated for many weeks to leave me. I feel good, relaxed, like living on a small cloud in a wonderful world. This massage is gentle, each muscle is cajoled, and gently massaged. I look back at my wife who is now lying on her back. I realize that her masseuse is stripped and I am surprised at its beauty.

She is thin with a very nice slender body and a very beautiful chest, not very big but very firm and round. She spreads the essential oil and doing with her whole body, she uses her bust and belly to massage the body of Helen and gradually pass the legs to the belly of Helen. She then grabs her arms that she gently massages and then lie behind the head.

She is now positioned above Helen and begins to rub his chest on the breasts of Helen who now kept her eyes closed. She slowly opens her eyes, turns to me and looks at me as if to make sure I enjoy the scene and make sure she feels good. The show is very sensual, I am particularly troubled to see the contrast of her two bodies rubbing against each other and see my wife surrender to the caresses of another woman.

Then rushes on my penis she begins to suck

then rushes on my penis she begins to suck

That morning, then, Emilie confessed to me that she had had a bad night full of hassle and that she had gone to sleep at her mother’s house, hence the outfit she was wearing. Curious as I am, I put a thousand questions and understood that Emilie’s companion had preferred to play the console rather than do his duty as a male.

– But it’ll get better Emilie see, it does not mean that he does not want you, I say reassuring him while smiling admiring his chest as I could.
– Yeah I hope for him what, he left me on the floor, it’s horrible, she answers me.
– Yes but you at least you have enough to satisfy your sexual needs, I’m all alone, I say then laughing.
– Oh yes I forgot you were a virgin, she told me starting to laugh frankly.
– Ah ah ah very funny I’m not virgin pffff, I say a little annoyed.

– But of course, you’re virgin, you can not even get a bitch …
– Ah well it’s sure that if you came like that warm me, I’ll catch you huh?
– Do not take your dreams for your realities Marc, she told me.
– Ah you would be a virgin Emilie? I said smiling, trying to annoy him.
– Me no, but you yes.
– I’m sure I do better love than your boyfriend.
– Stop a bit of your nonsense.

Emilie fills papers about our work, I wander a little on the other units and then I come back half an hour later. It’s eleven o’clock when I come back to the unit and do not see Emilie. I question some residents but they tell me not to have seen. I look on the desk and seeing the keys I understand that Emilie is not in the bathroom maybe she went to see other staff members. I go to take the keys and head for the toilets of our unit when a small whine coming from a room supposed empty empowers me.

Curious as I am, I walk discreetly and there I am dumbfounded: Emilie lying on the bed of a resident, shutters of the room closed, small light on, masturbating in silence.

From what I can distinguish apparently, the stockings she wore had a special hole and she had not put on either string or shorty or anything.
I watched her completely taped, telling me she was perverse and crazy enough because everyone could spot it. By wanting to change a discreet angle of view, she stops suddenly and sees me.
– Marc whore but what are you doing there? Come in and close the door.
– Sorry … I thought …
I go in, closing the door very red embarrassed, but excited.

– Yeah that’s it I know you had me good, and if you approached closer to see how it is small virgin huh? She told me smiling, masturbating in front of me.
– But are not you crazy here? And your guy then?
– It’s been six years that I take the same tail every night, I have the right to change no? And then I’m not married, well not yet, come on.
– You’re a slut, I said smiling.

I come place between her legs and began to lick her vagina up and down, the latter is already wet so much that I enter two fingers and fingers then.
– Oh damn yes it’s good, it’s true that you know how to do with the pussies, gasps Emilie, without shouting but we can hear the pleasure in his voice.
– I see you wet well, it comes alone, I say licking the clit slowly.

– Oh yes, oh damn, go ahead Marc take me there, I can not, I fuck.
– Well no I’m a virgin you said, you must teach me, I said smiling continuing to lick, my fingers come and go very quickly in it, we even hear the flock come and go.
– Oh damn I’m going to explode, get out of it quickly, she said shouting a little hard then.
– Shhhhhh … Join me in the bathroom in 5 minutes, otherwise we can not leave the guys alone.
– Your interest to come …

I’m leaving on the unit seeing if everyone is fine, then seeing the time 11:15, I go to the toilet which I close the door, but not locked. I hear Emilie answer a question then nothing, I sit on the toilet bowl sex very hard. Decidedly in my head, I tell myself that I work with sluts. Emilie enters and locks the door, then rushes on my penis she begins to suck. But after 5 minutes she gets up and positions herself on it and starts impaling on it.
– Oh damn, oh yesii Marc as she is good your tail, she whispers in my ear.
– You see I’m not a virgin, I said smiling kissing him in a torrid way.

My cock returns fully in her pussy and Emilie starts to go up and down quickly. I moan with pleasure in his ear then.
– Ahh yesii Emilie you excite me too much, I’ll soon enjoy if you continue.
– Go ahead, fill me pussy, I love to feel full of cum …
– Do not you prefer in the mouth?
– Do not worry I take the pill … And then I feel that you will fill me well …

Spoke to me alternately with my breasts

spoke to me alternately with my breasts

I tried the first boots that had a zipper. Jeff helped me put them on and slowly zipped up. He touched the bare skin of my leg. I did not say anything but I shuddered. I got up and walked with these brown boots with 7-8 cm heels. Elegant and wise model but that suits me well for the work. Looking in the mirror I saw that Jeff was matting me intensely. I came back saying:
– Not really the right dress to try boots.
He answered me:
– But not at all it’s very fashionable a tight dress like that with boots. It suits you perfectly.

I let him take off those boots slowly, keeping his legs crossed. Then to put the following (without zipper) I had to open a little more thighs and I know he was looking at the highest.
– You have perfect legs to wear boots.
I got up and went to the mirror. The store was almost empty at this time and I took the opportunity to sway and walk in a sexy way. These boots were almost flat in the rider style.

At the hump in his pants, I knew he enjoyed the view.
– You walk like a manikin and show off your outfit.
As I sat down again, I said to him:
– These boots are not really sexy. Do you have something else to recommend?
He quickly returned with two boxes.

The first boots had a heel compensates about 12cm. Really very high. I threaded them with the help of Jeff’s hands, which almost climbed to my crotch by “accident”. By accident I brushed the bump in his pants with my bare foot. He let me do it then whispered:
– You have a crazy effect on me.
Once the boots put, I walk in the radius not without evil. Then came back:
– I almost fell with them.
He opened the last box to show DVF boots in black velvet too but rising above the knee: The heels were thin and 10cm.
– God, I would not dare to wear these in public!

He looked me straight in the eyes.
– And in private?
I smiled at him and looking him straight in the eyes said to him:
– Do you want a private parade?
– That would be fantastic.
I put my normal shoes back slowly, letting him caress me. We went to the cashier to pay for the first boots I tried.

I took a piece of paper or I wrote the number of my room and the name of the hotel.
– Do you deliver samples at home?
– For you anywhere!
– In 30 minutes then.
30 minutes later, he knocked on the door of my room just after I came back.
I let him in with his 4 boxes of boots.

Those who read my previous stories know that my outfit affects my mood and attitude a lot. You also know that I am very receptive to the appreciation of a man or men for my outfit. I try to stay classy but sexy. This young and handsome man being interested in my outfit and complimenting it constantly excited me a lot.

He opened a first box and I sat down immediately. He pulled out a pair of soft black leather boots. The stiletto heels were about 8 or 9 cm and everything was quite my style, not brilliant, relatively classy but still very sexy. He helped me put them on while caressing the inside of my thighs. I walked around the room to admire me and his comments showed that he was looking forward to taking care of me.

I came back to sit down to change the boots but he focused on my body this time. He spread my legs to rest on the corridors of the chair. He spread my black thong lace and stroked my pussy. He introduced one and two fingers of one hand while grasping my breasts with the other. I allowed myself to appreciate this attention.
He licked my clit, which made me crazy.

I lowered the top of my dress with difficulty because it is tight. Finally my breasts were available to him and he went up to chew them. I felt he was putting on a condom and I was a little disappointed with how little time he was getting ready. I did not have time to say anything because it penetrated me slowly. His height was more than honorable and he spread my legs to penetrate more easily. He took my boots off my ankles and spread my legs wide. He nibbled at my health and sucked as he slowly slid inside me. He picked up speed and spoke to me alternately with my breasts.

– Hoo you’re sexy, you’re beautiful, you’re close and tight.
After a few minutes he pushed my legs back towards the head still holding my ankles. He began to stuff me wildly and with a groan, he enjoys. A little fast and disappointing for me.
He asked me if I wanted to try another pair. I thought it would excite him to finish me.

We are quickly naked on the bed

We are quickly naked on the bed

The message is enticing, I call back immediately. After a few banalities getting started:
– So you have things to tell me?
– Yes, I met a boy.
– It is very good. So tell me everything, I want all the crisp details’
It’s me who pays for the communication, she can afford to be talkative.
– Well, then, I was flirted by a host of the campsite.

He is a little old, in the 30 years, but well done. Among other things, he takes care of giving aquatic gymnastics lessons in the swimming pool. I was really happy that he was interested in me when there were lots of other girls.
He offered me a drink after the activity. And then he invited me to visit his bungalow. I initially refused, because I knew what idea he had behind the head. But I thought back to what you had told me, so I ended up accepting it.
I accompanied him and we slept together. Here.

It’s a story too short for me:
– But what did you do?
– Ben, he penetrated me and then after I sucked. That’s all.
The girls do not know how to tell the stories of fucking, they do not give any importance to what excites us men: the vicious dialogues, the size of the cock, the indecent proposals, the cries, the quantity of semen, swallowed or no,? I ask her:
– Have you enjoyed?
– No. But it was not bad.

– And you’ll see him again?
– I do not believe. He’s a real bastard! You realize, he told me that he rarely slept twice with the same girl. At the campsite he has the choice, his expression is: He has only to bend down to kiss. By cons, this bastard told me that if I was interested, he could introduce me to his friends. They often pass on their conquests. What a junk!
It’s not me who will criticize these seducing campsites!
– Why not accept his offer. After all, his friends may be very good shots! You do not have much to lose. You are free ! Enjoy.

I insinuated the doubt at home. She is hesitating :
– But these men treat women as objects!
I answer him:
– How important, if you treat these men as objects. Only count your pleasure! If you have fun and if you have orgasms, it does not matter if they are idiots.
It makes her laugh.
There you go ! Another girl turned into a slut!
To conclude “I hope that next time you will have things harder to tell me. I have to leave you now. I kiss you. ”

I’m getting ready now for Sarah. I cut my nails well. I go back to the supermarket to buy a tube of lube and other stuff.
In a department, I fall on Françoise. We chat a little. She confirms our appointment tomorrow night. It will be a farewell party just before I leave.
I ask about our project orgy. She told Alain about it, but he is opposed to it.
– He is afraid that you take a liking to my big cock.
This vulgar remark amuses him.

I look around me, there is nobody. I whisper to him:
– I want you! Now !
She answers me:
– You are crazy ! Not here. There are surveillance cameras everywhere.
– Can we go to the women’s bathroom?
– No, we risk being caught.

And then there’s Alain who is at the store today?
In fact, I do not really want to fuck her. What I wanted to know is if she, she wanted to. And how far she was ready to go. I have my answer. If I had insisted a little, she would have accepted that I pull in a dark corner of the store with customers who pass by!
I leave her and go home.
I prepare drinks, I put condoms and lubricant on hand. It rings the doorbell. I turn on the camera.

Sarah throws herself on me like a drug addict missing.
She is dressed very “sex” a white dress very short and tight with an endless neckline that can showcase her big boobs, and feet with stiletto heels. Like a luxury whore who goes to work. I hate this kind of accoutrement, but she did it to make me happy too I play admiring guy. I who gave her a score of 20/20 so far, she just lost 2 points.
In addition she tells me to excite me:
– You know, I did not wear panties.
I check immediately by lifting her dress. She says true! She regains her 2 points!

In fact I learn that she just removed in the elevator, she would not have dared to walk “buttocks” in the street. It loses 1 point.
Yesterday’s session it was unjoined, she is loose! She gives herself the air of a strict teacher, but it is to hide her true personality: A girl who loves to have fun, who loves sex, who likes to excite men.

We are quickly naked on the bed, I do not have much to remove and she either. We cuddle (caresses, fingering, licking, sucking).

He caught up with a hand on the buttocks

He caught up with a hand on the buttocks

She started as planned to make sure he noticed it during water aerobics’ Last night, she did what was planned (2-piece jersey + spend the session in front of him at most …). This confirms that she will go to my opinion at the end with him …
After a few checks on the guy I can confirm some points: It is a FUTARD 1st that goes clearly in aqua aerobics to find new conquests. He is a truck driver in a large area, divorced and he spends all his vacations at UCPA (well known for being a place to kiss ‘Heu non pardon de vacances’).

She did the same thing last night last week (2 pieces sexy, exercise in front of him during the course): At the end of the session he told her that he wanted a drink with her …
He understood everything quickly. We must see each other Wednesday night after a drink to organize the meeting on Saturday.

Everything is going very fast. He is not fooled, he understands quickly? It looks like he’s used to:
The topics they cover are quite “banal” and except since last night they had never been alone to discuss. Before last night it was more jokes and it did not go very far.
Already in the course of last week he began to suspect something: A girlfriend from Virginia told him yesterday before the start of the session that he had learned about her Friday night after the course (he remains very late at the pool bar).

Everything was confirmed last night when during an exercise Virginia “fell” on him: He caught up with a hand on the buttocks that quickly passed between the thighs because she said nothing. He then said in his ear “See you after a drink.” As much before this episode he was just kidding as much at the bar he had changed his attitude. She will have trouble resisting … Already Monday night in the pool he had the effect …
In the end the discussion was rather serious … For the rest I confirm what I say from the start: It is not “pretty” rather paunchy and older …

So what we have planned for Saturday: Appointment in the afternoon in the city center where he will only follow us, water aerobics and hotel.
He asked some things physically for her.
He asked that Virginie be dressed in sexy dress, sexy underwear, court shoes, toenails and feet with red polish and total hair removal. He will check the last two points Saturday at water aerobics: Stop everything if one of them is not there.

She is preparing: Rather the last touch since since the day before as he had asked she is completely shaved ‘For me she had never wanted to do it? But to see it’s a treat the same night I tried everything to enjoy it but she did not want to know … Not even a little cuni.

She puts her polish on the nails of the feet and hands: I love this smell: In any case it applies.

I have trouble staying in place.
I spend time in front of the bathroom. Here it is now below: White panties, totally shaved, varnish on the nails ‘Hum I tell myself that he will feast the sal’ But on the other hand I do not wait more than that.
Time does not go fast? I can not wait to get in the car and get to the pool.
She is ready: Just as expected ‘Sexy dress, pumps’.
Let’s go? I say to myself that the next time she passes the door of the house she will surely not be the same?

Good this time I go there.
Here I am as expected at the pool bar overlooking the pool: The advantage is that you can see everything.
I take a coke even if I’m not really thirsty …
He is already in the water: He really did it fast.

Seeing it I always wonder what she finds him.
He talks with a woman in her fifties: I look at the other women of the class and I think that in the lot he has probably fucked some …
This is Virginie … I never leave her eyes … Him any more Elsewhere …
I then remember his 2 requirements that completely validated the meeting: Red nail polish to the fingernails and hands and total hair removal. For the varnish it’s easy to see but for the rest how is it going to do?
She enters the water: There is a lot of people and noise …
I do not believe it: Hardly she has water to the shoulders that passes behind her. I fix the scene: I can not hear anything around me.

The sexual blackmail that you make me suffer

the sexual blackmail that you make me suffer

I just smile at him for an answer, but no word comes out of my mouth.
All that has just happened turns in my head in all directions, I am mixed with excitement, fears, pleasure, doubts …

We arrive at home, Alex parks my car in front of my building, goes out and passes by my side to open the door, a last opportunity for him tonight to watch me spread thighs and enjoy the view of my pussy still wet while I go out on the passenger side. He closes my door, and takes me by the waist to accompany me. Once at the entrance of my building, he slips my bunch of keys into my bag and takes me in his arms to kiss me languidly on the mouth, like a lover with his bride.

I feel like a teenager, until I feel his hands gently lift my dress to take my ass with both hands and remove them, to introduce a few more fingers that make me moan one last time tonight, and goes away, without saying a word, just winking at me, which probably means “Do not worry, we keep up to date.”

I go home, alone, takes a bath, and goes to bed immediately, but I can not sleep, despite my fatigue … Alex and our antics take up all the space in my head, I wet now , just thinking about it, I fear the worst, namely, falling in love with my master-singer.

Day and night I think now only of her sex in me, everything we could do, while this situation would have deeply disgusted me a few weeks ago, she is now muse many masturbations of my parties intimate …
The days go by, Alex still has not contacted me … I did not imagine I want him to remember and still make me participate in a horrible blackmail, but my excitement takes over.

He turned me into a slut, and I got to like it, but am I slutty with him? Or would I like to be with other men, choosing to behave in this way, without being obliged? …
The idea of ​​making love to strangers, as he had almost forced me to do it the other time, now occupied all my thoughts, I even came to tell me that with or without Alex I would try ‘experience.

One morning, as I leave my house to drive to the woods where I intend to go for my morning jog, I find a word under the windscreen wiper “Smile, you are filmed”. Shivers run through my whole body instantly, I look around me, but I do not see anyone, either in a parked car, on foot, or at a window … I climb in my car anyway and head for the wood. During my trip, the phone rings, it’s Alex.

– Hello my naughty, on the way to play sports and sweat a little?
– Are you spying on me now?
– No, but you told me the other time that you liked to go running on the weekend alone in the wood, I wanted to accompany you, but if you do not prefer, it does not matter, we can see each other tonight.
– Tonight I’m taken, I spend the evening with Michel

It is true that in the meantime, Michel reminded me, and that we agreed to see us tonight and put things in order between us. He seems determined to make efforts for our couple to leave, but still do not suspect any of my forced antics, and now desired, with Alex …

– Ahaah, do business resume between your man and you then? Seriously? Or just to reset the counter?
– It’s not yours Alex, and if things start again between Michel and me, our relationship will be based on trust, and I’ll tell him everything that happened between us, the sexual blackmail that you make me suffer , and all the rest, so this morning will probably be the last opportunity you’ll take advantage of me, then, if you still threaten me or force me to anything, I’ll tell him everything

– Wait Chantale, there’s something wrong here, first you threaten me with retaliation if I continue to make you sing, but on the other hand you offer me a last opportunity to enjoy the pleasure that the we make each other feel
– Look, I’m driving, and I do not have a hands-free kit, and as you’re certainly following me with your car, let’s meet and talk live, it will be less risky and dangerous.
– Turn right into the small road at 100 meters, and park behind the cut tree trunks, I’m behind you, at 20 seconds

As I suspected, he was following me, so I went to the place he had indicated to me and got out of my car to wait for him. He arrives at once, park his car in front of mine, but wait before going out.


I pinched his nipple

I pinched his nipple

So we returned to my home and she asked me to come to her, to have more room. I understood that she does not feel comfortable here. So I took my gear and went to Anne’s house. She lived in a small, very bright apartment. I started to paint when I saw her take off her T-shirt.
– What are you doing ?
– Well, I undress, I want to be natural.

I did not know what to think. She straightened up, proud, in black underwear. She was beautiful, she had beautiful shapes, we guessed under her bra beautiful breasts well round. A suggestive picture that put your appetite in your mouth. “We often see naked women on the boards. She said before removing the room hiding her nipples.

She was looking at me smiling. And she took off her panties. I was facing a hairy sex. I could not any more. I try to control myself so as not to jump on him. “This is the first time I show myself! It’s so exciting! ”
She leaned against the wall and asked me to start.

I was so nervous that I did anything. Then I began to get used and soon my brush obeys me. I was ecstatic. I focused on his face, or at least I tried. It took me a long time to grasp his features. The vigor it gave was hard to give. When I finished my face, it must have been a long time. I told him that we would continue next time. She peeled off the wall and let out a sigh of relief. Then she came to look at the book. She seemed disappointed that I did not do more. We gave ourselves an appointment the next day.

In the evening I could not detach myself from his image. She was there with a smile, I saw her beautiful naked body. I dreamed of her. Anne danced slowly undressing. I fell in love.

The next day, the only thing that worried me was my date. I could not distract my attention. When I rang, she was already ready, the door opened almost instantly and Anne let me in. She was in underwear. I had the right to a big kiss. My model undressed without a word smiling me cheerfully. It was as magical as yesterday. I stared at her firm breasts, which she did not fail to notice. She approached me to take my hands and put them where I wanted.

“Make fun, caress them. ”
I was surprised. But at the same time, it was paradise, the first girl I saw naked, the first girl who ventured with me. His skin was soft. She let herself be, and suddenly pulled away.
“Paint me! ”
I obeyed. I described his neck, his shoulders, his chest with her nipples topped small tips all pink.

I stopped, the sun was about to set and the light would not be the same.
– It’s nice to paint me, to take time for me.
– It is a pleasure. And then to paint as beautiful a girl as you do not refuse.
– Thank you.
She gave me a big kiss on the cheek, hugging me. I felt his body.
– Can I touch you again?
– No, not today ; we must not spoil the pleasures by going too fast.
– See you tomorrow then?

– Since it’s Saturday you’ll stay all day, ok?
It was agreed that I should come at 9 o’clock. And we would have all the time we want. I left her then. Opening the door, my model suddenly tells me “stop”. I turned and suddenly, she was in my arms and kissed me in the mouth. I kept that feeling, that touch on my lips in my head. I was good.

Anne opened me in her nightgown. We greeted each other warmly. “I’m ready,” she said with a smile, and she let her nightgown fall to the ground without the least shame. I was almost used to it, but it made me want so much? I had made it as beautiful on canvas as in real life. She resumed her pose. I began with her belly down gradually under her breasts. I arrived at his most intimate part.

His cock surmounted by a beautiful hair color furry hairy, a duvet of the most erotic. And I went down painting her beautiful thighs, her muscular legs as needed for forms of goddess. Finally, I finished with my arms.
– Come see !
– You finished me!
– There remains the scenery to do.
– That’s wonderful. Follow me.
She took me to his bed, sat down and spread her thighs.
“Look at my sex! ”

I was surprised. My eyes stuck to her pussy. She took off my pants, my underpants, my shirt and took my cock in his hand. My penis was also erect but grows even bigger.
“I love you, I want to do all the possible experiments with you. ”
It was the first time I was with a girl and she was proposing this to me.
“I want to touch you, caress you. ”
I took her breasts with both hands and began to grind. She moans. I pinched his nipple.

I go to the bathroom and put on the lace boxer

I go to the bathroom and put on the lace boxer

I go back to the counter, the boxer in hand. The manager is in conversation with a tall dark woman, in which I immediately recognize Liz, a friend of my wife. I’m going back, too late.
– Have you found what you are looking for?
– Yes, but the size is not suitable; you would have the same in M? I stammered.

– Hey, hello, Laurent. That’s Liz getting involved. Did you buy lingerie for Marie? Show, I will help you.
I give him the object, more and more confused.
– Ah, what a good idea. Men always offer lingerie to their wives, but it’s for their personal pleasure. You have this delicacy to think of his pleasure, bravo. It’s very feminine, it will surely please him a lot. I can not wait for her to tell me, “she said, staring at me, gently stroking the fabric.

I articulate a vague answer, and give up the place to the two women in full discussion as to the role of the male in the couple? This bitch Liz will phone Mary, for sure.
Just returned home, Marie greets me at the door with a big smile, is hug?
– You have a surprise to show me? It seems that it is adorable?
– Yes, I hope you’ll like it, I answer swallowing somehow my saliva; I arrive.

Marie is 40 years old, black-eyed brunette, with very open shapes. Our families, an old provincial nobility, have known each other for a long time and our marriage has, so to speak, been imposed. If money has disappeared over the centuries, traditions remain and systematic vouvantage is one of them.
I go to the bathroom and put on the lace boxer. White and very transparent, I really look like a doe submissive in ‘And it excites me a lot. I start to bend, imagining myself dressed under the eyes of Jean.

Submitted to all these desires. But the excitement falls back to the idea of ​​Mary waiting for me. How am I going to get away? We have rather distant relations and very conventional, after 10 years of bourgeois cohabitation? And she’s always been pretty prudish?
I put on a bathrobe and join my wife, who is waiting for me lying on the bed in a nightie.
I lie down beside him, and try to extinguish the light as in each of our relations; it prevents me; his hand slips under my bathrobe, stroking my rod over the lace. I start to bend over and over under the caresses.
– Very interesting, she said, her voice hoarse? and so new.

– You like ? I ask ; I thought that a little renewal could not hurt us’
– I love, she said. Get up and take off that bathrobe, turn that one sees you well ‘.
– I execute myself, and offers me in his eyes, my cock tending the boxer, my buttocks unveiled by the lace? I’m preparing to take it off, but she refuses it firmly.

– No, it is necessary to go to the end of your desires’ This feminine side that you decide to show me, it is necessary to develop it without doubt. I do not want to be outdone, and go show you my secret garden male.

“Lie down on your stomach,” she said, giving up the vouvant.
I am executing myself; she comes to ride me on all fours. His cock caresses against my buttocks, his mouth devours the neck. Eyes closed, I think of Jean lavishing me the same caress, his dick caressing against my ass’ I really want to be caught like that, and I rub against the sheet, under the comings and goings of Mary. I moan, and caress me, a hand slipped into the boxer.

– Not so fast, these games of hands are not allowed in my presence? If you want to develop your feminine side, know how to wait for pleasure, sometimes in vain.

She draws two scarves from her dresser, with which she ties my arms to the bedsteads. I beg her to caress me the rod, in vain.
She sits in the armchair facing me, her legs up on the armrests, chestnut fleece widely offered to my eyes burning. Her right hand resting on her cock, and she begins to caress, eyes half-closed. I band more still; this is the first time I see her practice this exercise, and it excites me enormously.

– Tell a little, now, for what purpose do you intend this shameless dress?
Her fingers sank into her cave, she moaned so much and more, and offers herself a first pleasure; after a few moments of calm, the merry-go-round resumes; his left hand titillates a nipple that I see drawn up under the nightie. I pull on the scarf to caress me in my turn. Wasted effort.
– It’s only for you, I assure you? stroke me.

– I do not believe you. I imagine you rather waiting for a meeting, in the neighboring wood, dressed in vote only lace? Offered to all comers .. Ready to take in the mouth the first comer, perhaps, or waiting for an appointment? That’s it, no doubt? So you have to prepare for it.
Some caresses again, and she gives herself a new pleasure. She leaves the chair, take out a new scarf.